How To Correctly Hang Christmas Lights On Your Gutters

How To Correctly Hang Christmas Lights On Your Gutters

It is already time for the holidays! It seemed like just yesterday we were pulling out the swimsuits and sunscreen. But Christmas will be here before we know it and along with it all the festivities of the season including decorating the home. Putting up Christmas lights is one of the most popular ways to celebrate.

Hanging those red and green bulbs though can be more dangerous than you think. Not only is there a spike in ladder-related falls and injuries, lights can pose a fire hazard as well as damage the exterior of the home. Who knew spreading holiday cheer could be such a dangerous job?

One of the area’s most prone to unintentional damage is the gutters. If you don’t take care when stringing the lights, your gutters can bear the brunt of your haphazardness. It is important for every homeowner to know the correct way to hang their Christmas lights and avoid costly gutter damage.

Follow these guidelines for correctly hanging Christmas lights on your gutters:

Before you start working:

• Check your lights for any burnt out bulbs or frayed cords. Damaged strings can pose a fire hazard to your home and running up and down a ladder to replace bulbs is never fun.

• Make sure to place your ladder on level ground and on the side nearest to the outlet.

• Gather all the supplies you will need: light bulbs, gutter clips and extension cords.

• Select the right light clip by choosing either a gutter-specific clip or an all-in-one option.

• Replace any broken gutter sections before hanging lights on them. The weight of the strands can cause further damage to an already compromised system.

Best practices for protecting your gutters:

• Keep the string taunt as you go along the length of the home. This helps ensure a secure installation.

• Use only specially-designed clips to attach the lights. Never use staples, nails or clothespins to mount the strands onto your gutters.

• Make sure your gutters can handle the load. Lights that are too heavy can weigh down the gutters causing them to sag or detach from the home.

For those with gutter guards installed:

• Attaching clips to gutter guards can be difficult. When possible, hang lights from your shingles rather than the gutters.

• Some gutter guards have an overhanging lip that makes clip placement nearly impossible. Make sure you buy clips that go either straight up or straight out to avoid the overhang.

• Moisture-resistant adhesive clips can be a good option for those that can’t hang clips onto their gutters guards or shingles.

If you see that your gutters are damaged, sagging or in need of repair, do not hang lights on them.  Give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky.  We will help you repair and secure your gutters before more damage occurs.  You can reach us by phone by calling (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us for a FREE estimate.

5 Common Causes of Leaky Gutters

5 Common Causes of Leaky Gutters

Believe it or not, rain gutters play a valuable role in your property as they protect your house from dampness, damaged foundations and garden erosion which leads to costly repairs and thus the devaluation of your home and nobody wants to deal with that kind of issues.

After several years a rain gutter installation can suffer the effects of nature and start showing leakage signs, this will depend on several aspects such as their material, the way they were installed and how frequent the maintenance is performed.

In the market, you can find plenty of gutter materials from copper to vinyl, but some of them are more long-lasting than others so the key is to choose the material that is affordable for you and, at the same time, provides you with superior quality.

Let’s find out the 5 most common causes of leaky gutters explained by our experts at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky:

#1 Cracks

This issue is very frequent to galvanized steel gutters, especially at the joints. When they are exposed to severe weather changes, they are more likely to crack at seams, braces or gutter nails. To counter this, it is necessary to repaint them several times throughout the year, so the rust does not accumulate under the painting coating.

#2 Holes and Gaps

This is a problem that is very common when metal rain gutters are not frequently maintained and rainwater pooled in some areas along the gutter, rust is build up and, in turn, holes appear, causing severe dampness problems to your house. Gutters clogged by debris for a long time is also a cause for this terrible issue. But no worries, you can use silicone waterproof sealant to cover the leaks and allow your gutters last longer.

#3 Loose Gutters

Sometimes, when you notice that your gutters have some leaks it may be a consequence of loose hangers. Rain gutters are attached to the fascia board of your roof by gutter hangers, whether internal or external and over time these accessories tend to get sagged especially when they have to deal with the weight of rainwater plus wet debris stuck along the gutter. Rainwater starts seeping through the loosen joints causing the leaks in your gutter system. To solve this problem, technicians must perform a gutter cleaning service to remove all the debris and then fasten all the gutter hangers to the fascia board and make sure that all the system is perfectly working.

#4 Improper Slope

Rain gutters need a slight downward slope to lead the rainwater towards the downspout and continue its way to the outlet on the ground. However, after the installation, everything looks great until it rains, and you notice that the water stays along the gutters forming small pools without reaching the downspout because the gutter is improperly sloped. When this happens, all this pooled water will add more weight to the gutters and will cause them to sag over time so you will notice water dripping from your gutters. The solution is easy, ask your rain gutter technicians to check the slope of the gutters and adjust them as necessary.

#5 Clogs

Clogs are the most common cause of leaky gutters in both residential and commercial rain gutter systems. When gutters are overlooked, debris from trees and the remains of dead animals build up and form a wet mass that blocks the gutter and pulls it down provoking overflowing. This issue can be prevented as easy as having a regular rain gutter maintenance at least twice a year or after a rainstorm to ensure that everything is functioning well.

If you are experiencing problems with your gutter system, give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky.  We would be happy to take a look at your gutters to see how we can help you.  We serve a majority of Western Kentucky.  For a FREE EVALUATION, give us a call today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us today.

Get Your Mind IN The Gutter This Winter

Get Your Mind IN The Gutter This Winter

The damage water can cause your home if not handled properly can become costly: water damage claims amount to $11 billion dollars per year, they are the second most often filed insurance claim in America, and 8% of that damage is caused by weather. One way to protect your home from the seasonal weather surges that winter brings is to keep healthy, clean gutters.

Keeping your gutters clean and unclogged has its own dangers and costs: climbing ladders to tend these gutters has resulted in more than 500 thousand related injuries per year. Yet leaving them unkempt can lead to water damage to your home’s foundation, wood rot to your attic, leaks, insect problems, and more. Where lies the answer? Gutter covers and other gutter protection systems can offer the solution you need.

The Wreckage Water Wreaks

One-way water can be problematic is if it has excess minerals within it, known as hard water. This water issue can be harmless when drinking the water or bathing in it, but can present problems when washing laundry or in your sinks and plumbing. Hard water has minerals like limestone, magnesium, calcium, and iron inside it in heavy amounts. This can cause problems when these minerals build up around drainage areas like sinks or toilets and within the plumbing lining the walls of your housing structure. Much like having clogged gutters, this too can cause infrastructural concerns for your home.

Water damage from unclean gutters can impact different areas of the home in varying ways. The water from clogged gutters can pool around the foundation of your house and cause cracks, creating potential for collapse and infrastructural damage. Other structural aspects of the home at risk are ceilings, walls, and the roof itself. It harms any wood and wooden structures associated with the gutters, and causes destruction in the landscape surrounding your home. Clogged gutters are also a risk unto themselves; when water from rainfall accumulates with leaves, needles, and other debris in the gutters they are liable to fall and cause damage that way.

The Utter Solution To Your Gutter Problems

Gutter guard products are the solution to your gutter concerns. They prevent destruction in a variety of ways, to you and to your home. For your home, they prevent the clogs from building up that result in water damage to your home’s foundation, fascia, walls, and landscape. For you, they diminish the need for the risks that climbing perilous ladders to scrape your gutters clean by hand present.

Gutter guards, screens, covers, prevent debris like leaves, needles, and other organic material from gathering in your gutters. This way when those cool winter days bring heavy rainfall to your home, the water goes right through your gutters as it’s supposed to instead of getting caught in a clog and being rerouted to your home’s foundations or walls. This means that the risky annual maintenance of gutters by climbing rickety ladders is no longer necessary. By result, you have lessened chances at the possibility of a ladder related injury. And with these things in mind, you can relax at home listening as the rain pours without concern for water damage.

Perhaps you are considering gutter guards, need your gutters cleaned or perhaps need new gutters on your home. Give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us!

First Snow Can Wreak Havock On Your Gutters

First Snow Can Wreak Havock On Your Gutters

Well, it was bound to happen! We have already had our first snow of the year. Perhaps you went to the store for milk and bread to prepare. But, did you think to prepare your home for the effects of snow?

While it is important to acknowledge the wrath that heavy snowfall can bring on a large scale, it is also significant to magnify the equally problematic aftermath of snow at the micro level. If snow can freeze highways, imagine the damage it can bring to your homes.

The downpour of snow and ice on your roof might make your homes look nice. However, the snow and ice mixture that covers your roof and lands on your gutters can cause unfortunate damage.

Gutters capture the water that hits your roof. During winter, water comes in the form of snow and may cause denser clogging. Gutter repair can be costly and foundation repair is far more expensive. To keep the snow and ice away, and keep the costs at bay, be sure to use only the best gutter guards available. Gutter guards can help keep the weight of the snow off of your gutters.

With its narrow slit, a gutter guard prevents natural substances like snow from entering your gutters. The slit then leads the snow down to where it should be.

Gutter guards are now more widely available. Companies like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky are professionals at making sure your gutter guards are of the best quality and installed correctly.

If you are ready to take a look at gutter guards for your home or office, give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today for a FREE estimate. You can reach us by phone at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Why You Need A Gutter Cleaning Service

Why You Need A Gutter Cleaning Service

As a homeowner, you have a long to-do list of necessary upkeep and projects for your home. Gutter cleaning should be a routine part of this list just as lawn care is. In actuality, it is more important since rainwater runoff caused from poorly managing your gutter system can damage your home and foundation. A gutter cleaning service can assist with the maintenance of your gutter system.

Gutter Cleaning Factors:


Trees are the worst for jamming up your gutters. When leaves and sticks land in your gutter, they can cause large obstructions and make a big mess. In some cases, when their seeds land in the dirt in gutters they can begin to grow. Weeds building up in your gutter are a major warning sign to the health status of your gutters.

Areas that deal with dust are also at risk. Dust creates a layer on the bottom of the guttering that can add weight and may increase the number of leaks and cracks in the system. Silt and dirt shouldn’t be left long, therefore evaluating the system as a whole is important to be done a few times a year.

Weather & Seasons:

Depending on your location, the various seasons it experiences will greatly influence the need for gutter cleaning services.

Winter and springtime in particular can bring various problems. If you are in a location that has cold winters, scheduling a gutter cleaning prior to the first freeze is vital. You do not want debris lying in your gutters come spring. Springtime tends to be the time of year with the most amount of rainfall. The clogs will prevent the water from moving through your guttering. And worse yet, those blockages may cause damage to your gutters, downspouts and foundation if water pours over the system.

Gutters and downspouts won’t fix themselves. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company such as Gutter Boyz of Kentucky that just do gutters to evaluate the effectiveness of your gutter system is the best solution to these problems. We have the expertise to evaluate your system and make sure that they are working efficiently. We can recommend the best plan on quickly getting your gutters in top working order.

If you are experiencing any issues with your gutters or want to help prevent damage to your gutter system, give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky.  With offices in Paducah, KY and Benton, KY we serve almost all of Western Kentucky.  Call us today at (270) 906-3055 for a FREE estimate or CLICK HERE to contact us today!                   

How Professionals Clean Your Gutters

How Professionals Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is one of those tasks most homeowners dread. Many avoid it and end up with clogged gutters that overflow every time it rains. Those who understand the importance of clean gutters but don’t yet have rain gutter guards often call professional gutter cleaning companies like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. If you have a gutter cleaning company come to your home twice a year, you may wonder how they do the job so quickly and efficiently. Here’s more about how they get the job done.

Using the Right Tools

Generally speaking, professionals like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky will clean your gutters more thoroughly and effectively than you might. But that’s to be expected, since they’re charging for the service. Their cost includes the tools they’ve invested in. This may include industrial-strength vacuums with gutter-sized attachments, or extremely strong power washers to blast clogs out.

Some companies utilize what is known as “wet/dry technology,” which allows workers to alternate between power washing and vacuuming to remove all types of debris. And, last but not least, gutter cleaning pros will pick up all of the cleaned-out debris and put it into containers for disposal.

Gutter & Gutter Guard Installers

Some gutter cleaning companies like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky also install gutters and gutter guards. They may inspect your gutters and recommend repair or replacement. If you have noticed that your gutters are failing, new gutters will benefit you; however, you will still need to clean them if you don’t invest in gutter guards. If the cleaning company tries to sell you on gutter guards to prevent the need for future cleanings, make sure they’re installing a proven and high-quality product.

Are Gutter Guards Better Than Gutter Cleaning?

That depends. Although the cost of hiring a gutter cleaning company really adds up over time, choosing inferior gutter covers won’t benefit you much. You may find that you still need occasional gutter cleanings or cleaning of the gutter covers themselves.

Talk To A Gutter Professional

Why not call Gutter Boyz of Kentucky instead? We can give you the best advice on how to keep water flowing away from your home. For more information or a FREE ESTIMATE, give us a call at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us today!

How Rain Gutter Guards Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

How Rain Gutter Guards Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Have you ever driven by a home with gutters full of leaves and debris? Clogged gutters look bad and, when it rains, can allow water damage to the home. Rain gutter guards stop clogged gutters, keep your home looking great and prevent costly repairs.

All homeowners want to better the appearance and function of their home, and a home’s gutter system is one way to do this. Gutters that are in good working order permit rainwater to drain easily away, but this requires an investment in a quality gutter system and the best gutter guards for metal roofs (or whatever material your roofing system is made of). Often homeowners think of gutter leaf guards as being too costly when, in reality, they save a great deal of money over time.

Potential Problem Areas

When your gutters run clear and funnel rainwater and melting snow away from your home, you’ll save money. In addition to the savings of time or money, there are other savings you could potentially see by installing rain gutter guards.

  • Flooded basement – If your home has a basement, gutter backups can lead to water seeping in through walls and windows. This can cause a variety of damage to walls, flooring, furnishings and anything else in your basement. Plus, you’ll have to pay for water remediation and dry-out.
  • Wet crawlspace or slab – Homes on a slab or crawlspace aren’t immune to water issues. Wet crawl spaces can lead to deterioration of wood footings, moisture damage to flooring and even movement in the foundation. Homes on a concrete slab may suffer foundation damage which leads to sinkholes and cracks throughout the home.
  • Exterior damage – Leaky gutters can cause damage to siding and fascia as water drips and splashes over the exterior. For wood siding, this leads to dry rot and peeling paint. Other types of siding may develop staining and mold growth. If you allow your gutters to become completely clogged and the weight pulls them away from your home, it may damage fascia, siding or even break a window if the gutters fall off.
  • Damaged landscaping – When gutters clog and water spills over, plants and shrubs on the ground take the brunt of the water’s force, which can lead to damage. You may also experience soil erosion or washed-out mulch.
  • Roof damage – If your shingles sit in water because your gutters are clogged, they will deteriorate faster than they should. This can lead to a roof leak or, at the very least, the need to replace the shingles at the roof’s edge

Gutter guards from Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can help you prevent damage to your home.  We would be happy to talk more with you and answer any questions you may have.  For more information or a FREE ESTIMATE, give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us today!

Do Gutters Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Do Gutters Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Gutters are the unsung heroes of real estate. They don’t earn compliments like a property’s gorgeous landscaping or the rustic tile selection of your master shower will. But without them, a home’s structural integrity is at risk.

Every day 14,000 homeowners face water emergencies while 37% have claimed losses due to water issues. Meanwhile, home owners insurance companies pay out $2.5 billion in water damage losses every year. Gutters serve the critical role of pushing water where it needs to be: away from the house to avoid foundation erosion and roof leaks.

“When I go out to appraise a property for a lender, they will almost never lend on a property that doesn’t have gutters and downspouts that are functional,” said Robin Harper, a home appraiser with a decade of experience.

“In this instance, I would be required to provide a ‘cost-to-cure,’ which is an estimate to install or repair gutters and downspouts. The cost-to-cure figure can then be subtracted from the overall home value.”

So, do gutters increase home value? Not exactly, because they’re like the tires of a car: buyers expect a property to have them in good working condition, or they’ll pay less for it. We’ll help you get up to speed on homeownership and gutters with insights from top appraisers around the country who explain:

How gutters shield the house from ice dams and foundation problems

Gutters as guardians of the house: Protecting against ice damming and foundation erosion

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room on a chilly winter day watching television, when suddenly you feel a drop of water on your head. And then another, and another. You look up to find a wet patch spreading out on your ceiling just above you.

Or, picture this: It’s been a stormy few days with lots of rain. You go outside to clean up after the storm and to your horror, find that some of your foundation has washed away—but only in one spot that should have been difficult for the water to reach.

The culprit in both situations? In most cases, bad gutters. Properly constructed and clean gutters are essential to preventing water damage to your home.

The first scenario likely due to an issue called ice damming on the roof, where the water melting from a warmer part of your roof can’t escape. This typically happens when gutters haven’t been cleaned out properly, the water freezes, and then the ice accumulates under your shingles, melting and damaging the attic or ceiling in your home.

The second scenario could be thanks to a broken gutter or a missing downspout—the water is dumping down onto your foundation instead of getting pushed away from the house.

“You need to have gutters because you’re going to start affecting your foundation significantly if you don’t direct water away appropriately,” said Brock Young, a top-selling agent in Kentucky. “It’s not an option out here, honestly. If you’re buying a house that doesn’t have gutters on it, it’s probably because it’s a bank sale home and it’s all beat up.”

No gutters (or gutters in poor condition) will detract value from your house

Not only will a lack of gutters or ones with issues hurt your home and affect the sale, it could also actively lower your home’s value.

Whether you don’t have any gutters or the ones you have are dirty, broken or improperly attached, you’re compromising the longevity of the home by leaving it open to other problems. And those problems will have an effect on the appraisal when you’re trying to sell.

Gutters in poor condition could detract between $500 and $2,000 from the value of an average-sized house with a straightforward installation by a professional.

Gutters are part of the real estate, but there’s not a specific adjustment line for gutters.  If the lack of gutters is ruining something, you’ll detract from that item.

In some cases, the missing or damaged gutters can even end a sale before it begins.

Good gutters will attract buyers but don’t necessarily add value.  All that being said, gutters themselves typically won’t increase the value of your home. They’re standard, especially in areas with a lot of rain, and having them isn’t anything special.

People don’t just normally install gutters for the aesthetics of the gutters.  If you needed them and didn’t have them, it would detract value. But having them won’t add value.

You can, though, add overall perceived value to your home based on the gutters themselves. Our experts at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky shared some tips on what to do to make your gutters work for your home sale.

Make sure your gutters are installed properly.

There are two important pieces to this equation. Proper gutter installation means making sure the water is being diverted far away enough from the house so no damage is sustained around the foundation or on the siding.

But you also have to make sure they’re level—meaning no water is left to pool up in them with nowhere to drain. If that happens, they can start to draw an accumulation of mosquitos and other nasty bugs or cause ice damming.

Match your gutters to your home.

Just like any other part of your property, including outbuildings, shutters, garages, and even gazebos, you’ll want to make sure the color and size of your gutters are appropriate for your home.

For the color, typically the gutters will be the same color as the outdoor trim. As far as sizing, the standard size used to be four inches, but now it’s up to six inches—so get the larger ones.  But, if your house is a bit smaller and the large gutters would look out of place, then stay with a smaller size.

It’s also critical to have enough downspouts. The general rule is one downspout for every 35 or so feet of gutter.

Stick with seamless gutters

Seams are out. If you want gutters that will bring value to your home, skip them and go for a seamless option. It looks tidier and more professional.

Get gutter guards

Gutter guards are covers that go over your gutters to stop junk from building up inside them. These are your first line of defense if you live in a heavily wooded area or have a lot of trees near your house.

They’ll stop leaves and sticks from getting in, and will keep squirrels and their seeds out—so you don’t have to worry about looking up one day to see a patch of sunflowers sprouting from the edge of your roof. As a plus, having gutter guards could add value to a home appraisal.

Whatever your gutter needs, Gutter Boyz of Kentucky is here to help.  With offices in Paducah, KY and Benton, KY, we serve a majority of Western Kentucky.  For a FREE estimate, give us a call at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us!

Why Fall Is A Good Time To Clean Your Gutters

Why Fall Is A Good Time To Clean Your Gutters

You know you have gutters on your house and you know you have to clean them every once in a while. What you shouldn’t do is leave them until they’re already clogged up before you clear them out. It’s important to make sure all that debris is gone before winter arrives. Here’s why you should make sure those gutters get cleaned out every fall, no matter where you live.

Leaves Collecting in Your Gutters

The first signs of fall are unmistakable—the air gets a little crisp and the leaves on the trees begin to change color. It’s a gorgeous sight, but it’s also a sign of a whole lot of work ahead. After all, those leaves will soon fall off those trees and many of them will end up in your gutters.

While it’s still dry out, the leaves won’t cause much of a problem. However, as soon as you get your first heavy rain storm, the problems will start to pop up. If your gutters are filled with leaves, the rain can’t drain out properly. When this happens, your gutters will overflow and the water could cause water damage to walls, soffits, fascia, siding, basements, and even your foundation.

If water does back up in your gutters, the debris and pooling water can start to eat away at the gutter materials, which can cause holes and leaks. Once you have holes, it might not be a simple fix—you could end up having to replace your gutters entirely.

On-going Maintenance for Healthy Gutters

As you may have guessed, gutters are not cheap to replace. This is why regular gutter maintenance is so important. A small investment of time and money now will save you a ton in the future.

How often you clean your gutters depends largely on where you live. If you live in an area without any trees around, you can probably get away with cleaning your gutters just once a year, since they aren’t filling up with leaves and other debris as quickly. Of course, if there is a tree close to your house that does lose its leaves, you might have to clean them more often.

Gutters Clogged With Leaves

If you live in a place surrounded by plenty of lush, green trees, you’re going to need to clean your gutters a whole lot more often than those who live in desert climates. Most leafy trees lose leaves in the fall, which makes a fall cleaning essential. The type of trees you have nearby also makes a difference—if you have trees like pine or any tree with needles, you might need to clean them 3 or 4 times a year. If you have a tree with falling blossoms, you might need an extra cleaning in spring.

Winter is Coming

The risk of clogged gutters doesn’t end once the leaves have fallen off the trees. If you don’t clear them out before winter, all that debris and water sitting in your gutters can freeze when the temperature drops. When it’s frozen, any water from melting snow has nowhere to go, and can seep through your roof, causing water damage.

When the water and debris freezes, it also gets heavier, which could cause the gutters to sag. The extra weight can also cause the hardware that secures the gutters to the house to pull away from the house, or even come loose completely. In this scenario, your gutters could completely fall down, which would mean you will need to replace them or at least reinstall them.

If you want to ensure your gutters last a long time, keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Fall is the perfect time to clean them, no matter where you live. So make sure you add gutter cleaning to your fall to-do list!

If you are dreading climbing up on the ladder to clean your gutters, you don’t have to. Maybe you have gutters that leak?  Gutter Boyz of Kentucky provides complete gutter service.  From installation of new gutters, gutter guards, gutter cleaning, Gutter Boyz is here to help. Give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, with offices in Paducah and Benton, KY a call today at (270) 906-3055 of CLICK HERE for a FREE QUOTE.

Warning Signs of Damaged Water Gutters

Warning Signs of Damaged Water Gutters

Failing gutters can be a serious problem. Don’t ignore the warning signs! Look for missing shingles, shingles that curl up at the ends, gutters that are pulling away from your home, excessive staining or mold on your home and other warning signs. It is important to stop the problem, before it becomes a very expensive one.

Ask yourself the following questions?

#1 Do you see any visible cracks on the surface of your gutters. Cracks will lead to water leakage, which will lead to water damage on your home. If not dealt with small cracks can lead to larger cracks.

#2 Paint flaking or peeling prematurely in areas near the base of the home or on the gutters themselves? Peeling paint is a huge indicator that your gutters are leaking water, causing the paint to peel.

#3 Look for water marks located directly below the gutters. Why? Well as water pours over the surface of your home it is absorbed. As the dun dries the water you can see watermarks left behind.

#4 Are your gutters clogged? Are there certain spots in your gutters where leaves and debris seem to continually get caught? This can be caused by debris collecting in a crack in your gutter. Call a gutter specialist to have them access the issue.

#5 Are your gutters pulling away from your home? Or are the downspouts disconnected from the gutter/home? If so it might be time for new ones.

So remember, there are very obvious signs that your gutters are in need of repair or replacement. They are as follows:

  • No gutters on home
  • Water in basement
  • Water in home
  • Seams leaking or dripping
  • Overflowing gutters

However, sometimes the signs of faulty gutters can be subtle. These issues are ones that if treated immediately can save you money. Have a qualified gutter specialist like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky come and inspect your home for these not so obvious signs. They include:

  • Spike & ferrules pulling away from the gutter where you can see the nail head popping out
  • Lines in your landscape below the gutter
  • Mold in areas below where gutters are, or should be
  • Rotting deck boards, windowsills, garage doors, and regular doors below where gutters are, or should be
  • Erosion in landscape or mulch beds
  • Cracking or upheaval of sidewalks, patios, driveways and stairs
  • Dips or back pitch in gutters

If any of these sound like your home, you are in the market for new gutters, please contact us at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky.  We have offices located in Benton, KY and Paducah, KY and serve a majority of Western Kentucky.  You can reach us today by phone at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

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