What Happens When Water Falls Directly Into Your Foundation?

What Happens When Water Falls Directly Into Your Foundation?

Without properly installed gutters, the water from rain that runs off your roof falls directly into your foundation. Over time, the water can cause many issues including:

Water damage to your foundation.   Non-structural water damage refers to water seeping in small holes into the basement. Left untreated, it can lead to mold and mildew buildup resulting in costly repairs and an unsafe place for your family and pets to live. Structural water damage is another result of untreated “non-structural” water damage. When this happens, your entire home can shift and sink under its own weight resulting in extensive repairs.

Bugs and insects infiltrating your home.    Another by-product of water damage can include insect infiltration. When water damages the foundation, it creates holes that allow bugs to get inside. The standing water also attracts water-loving bugs such as cockroaches and silversides. Both of which can be huge nuisances and cause further damage.

If you suspect water damage has already affected your foundation, call a professional immediately. The next step is to call Gutter Boyz of Kentucky at (270 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.   With offices in Paducah and Benton, we serve most of Western Kentucky.  We will come out, give you a FREE estimate and properly install gutters to keep this from ever happening again.

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Before Fall

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Before Fall

Clogged Gutters Damage Your Home

There are few things worse than clogged gutters. Why? The costs of repairing damage stemming from clogged gutters far outweigh the cost of simply maintaining them well. At Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we care about the health of your home.

Clearing away of summer storm debris

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned before the beginning of fall, now is the time to take action. You’ll want your gutter system clear before the leaves make their way down. Summer storms bring plenty of rainwater and debris, and these storms can also damage your gutters.

Repairing any damage

Regular gutter maintenance will ensure that any damage your gutters incurred will be repaired quickly. If your gutters are damaged, you’ll want them in good shape before the full force of fall brings leaves and added weight to your gutter system. When your gutter system has damage, it’s critical to get the damage taken care of before putting added stress on your gutters–they can only support so much weight before they fail, whether they fail by leaning or even falling down!

Taming the leaves

Your gutters are only functional when water can flow through them. Keeping the leaves at bay is an important objective in fall gutter cleaning. Leaves, once wet, can weigh down your gutters and potentially damage the fascia on the side of your home. An obstructed flow can cause issues like water pooling around the base of your home.

Protect your foundation and home

Your gutters divert water away from your foundation. When water pools at the base of your house, you can incur foundation damage which isn’t easy to repair, and you also run the risk of your basement flooding. Keeping your gutters unobstructed is the best thing you can do to prevent this kind of damage. Additionally, make sure your underground drains aren’t clogged. A clogged underground drain can also lead to flooding your yard and allowing water to pool near your foundation.

Winter is coming: be ready!

As fall fades into winter, you’ll want to be sure that your gutters are clean and in good shape. The cold winter months can bring winds, precipitation and debris into your gutter system. Ice can also cause tree limbs to break and land on your roof. Keeping your gutters in good condition moving into the year’s coldest months will ensure that they don’t get weighed down by additional fall debris remaining in your gutter system once snows fall.

At Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, with offices in Paducah, KY and Benton, KY, we are only a phone call away to help you with all of your gutter needs. Give us a call today at (270) 906-3055 for a FREE QUOTE or CLICK HERE to contact us!

How To Prepare Your Gutters For Fall

How To Prepare Your Gutters For Fall

Summer has nearly come to an end.  Fall is just around the corner. While autumn brings pleasant weather and colorful landscapes, the colder temperatures and falling leaves create quite the to-do list for home exterior upkeep. Tools switch from mowers and hoses to rakes and ladders. No matter what condition your home is in, it is susceptible to the harsh conditions of autumn and winter.

Deep cleaning and repairing your gutters are never entertaining tasks, but they’re necessary to make sure your gutters are clean, unclogged, and damage free in time for the rain, sleet, and snow that is to come.

Here are 7 steps to prepare your gutters for fall weather & leaves:

1. Clean your gutters thoroughly

Use that hose one last time before it’s wrapped up for the season to flush out your gutters. Spend an entire weekend climbing up that ladder to properly remove all the natural debris that has managed to fill up your gutters and downspouts. Give them a high-pressure spray down, and then put on some gloves to wipe away all of the remaining debris. To really finish it off and get the best clean, put some warm water and soap in a bucket, pour it into your gutters, and wipe them down with a sponge.

2. Inspect gutters for damages

After you have deep cleaned your gutters, you can now inspect them for any and all damages that may have occurred since your last clean or big storm. Make sure you don’t have loose screws, leaks, uneven sections, or any other excessive wear and tear. Make a list of questions to ensure you check everything. Are the gutters pulling away from the house? Are they starting to sag? Is the downspout lose? Inspecting for damages can not only help you save on repairs in the future, but can also let you know what needs to be done now for the upcoming weather.

3. Repair what is needed

Taking care of the necessary repairs will help your home in the long run. If you forget to fill up any cracks and holes in your gutters, it could lead to them springing a leak later in the season. Those leaks could lead to water or other debris seeping into the foundation or basement of your house. Don’t forget that fall and winter also bring rain, ice, and snow. The weight of this weather can cause even bigger issues with any leaks, cracks, or holes. It’s best to go into the season with strong gutters rid of any damages, so make those repairs.

4. Trim tree branches

While jumping into bundles of fall leaves on the lawn is a staple autumn activity, not trimming your trees could lead to clogs or damaged troughs. Branches grow in the summer months and could be directly over your roof or gutters. As the wind picks up, it blows leaves, nuts, and seeds straight onto your roof and/or into your gutters clogging them up as a result. One nice weekend, head on up to your roof to make sure you’ll be in the clear from all those falling leaves.

5. Keep rodents from moving in

The cold weather and precipitation of fall and winter sends nature’s furry friends to higher ground seeking warmth and shelter – think mice, rats, squirrels, possums, and raccoons. The concave of your gutters and the covered exit of your downspout make for great nesting spots to get cozy. Head on over to your home and garden store to get some rodent repellent and give your gutters a nice coat after you clean and repair them.

6. Install gutter guards

If you’re over getting up on that ladder season after season, consider installing gutter guards. These covers go over your troughs to protect them from the leaves and any other debris fall can bring in, but has pinpoints just wide enough to allow water to enter and exit your gutter system properly. They greatly reduce the amount of natural clutter that can build up in your gutters while allowing water to flow freely.

7. Call the pros

If all of this seems like more time and effort than you have to invest, call the professionals at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. We provide full gutter service from installation, cleaning, repair to gutter guard protection.  With offices in Benton, KY and Paducah, KY we are just a phone call away.  Call us today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE!

What Labor Day Means For Your Gutters

What Labor Day Means For Your Gutters

You own a home.  It is one of your most important investments.  It has a roof, which protects you and keeps you dry. Most likely, your home has little unsung heroes – your gutters, the only thing keeping the water and debris that runs off your roof away from your home.

The problem is that gutters get clogged all year round, causing damage to your foundation, basement and even the gutters themselves. Mold, mildew, rot, flooding: all nasty stuff and all caused by clogged gutters.

Now, most people get that they have to clean out their gutters. But how often is enough? Once or twice a year? Not by a long shot.

First, we have March. Now, during the harsh winter months, late clinging leaves and branching fall on your roof and they get washed into your gutters. At the same time, you need your gutters re-nailed and leaders re-strapped because of those storms. With April showers coming, it’s time to clean, inspect and tune them up.

Next is spring, when trees reproduce, spreading seed pods, oak tassels, helicopters and other debris that ends up in your gutters, absorbing water and clogging your drains.

Then we’re on to summer, with thunderstorms galore that rip the leaves right off the trees and all over your roof. And guess where it goes then? Yep, right in the gutters. By the time Labor Day rolls around, you should be thinking about having all of that debris cleaned out, especially if it has been a while since they have been cleaned out.

Finally, there’s fall, a lovely season with football, crisp air and colorful changing leaves. But you know what? Gutters hate fall. So, they need some real TLC. You should clean them in early fall, middle fall and late fall, just before that winter freeze hits and locks that debris in for months.

Fortunately, Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can help take care of all your gutter needs all year round.  Gutter Boyz is a locally owned company with the most highly trained, knowledgeable staff anywhere.  We serve most all of Western Kentucky. Let us know how we can help you.  Give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today at (270) 906-3055 for a FREE QUOTE or CLICK HERE to contact us!

Does My Home Really Need Gutters?

Does My Home Really Need Gutters?

If you just bought a house, you may be shocked to discover it doesn’t have gutters. How did you overlook this during the inspection? Now you’re left with the task of installing gutters and downspouts. But since clogged rain gutters can cause serious damage, should you even bother installing them? Why does a house need gutters, anyway?

This seems like a logical train of thought, but the reason clogged gutters cause damage is because they let water flow over the sides, where it pools all around the foundation. If you don’t have gutters and downspouts to direct runoff away from your home, this will happen every time it rains. Here are four reasons to install gutters on your new house.


Homes built to code are situated on a slight slope to guide runoff away from the foundation. If rain flows off your roof because you have no gutters, the water causes massive erosion, washing away more and more soil each time it rains. This causes your carefully sloped landscape to wear down, allowing runoff to flow toward your home instead of away from it.

Erosion also causes the foundation to settle. Eventually, you may start to notice uneven floors and cracked walls and chimneys as a result.


Many homeowners enjoy planting flowers and shrubs right next to the house. This creates a pleasing aesthetic and can act as a windbreaker to guard against blustery winter weather. If soil erosion occurs because you don’t have gutters, your garden could literally wash away.

Even if erosion is minimal, puddles of water will form in your garden bed and drown your plants. Melting snow will also drip down and freeze overnight into solid sheets of ice that could kill evergreen shrubs.


When soil is saturated with water, it becomes incredibly heavy. This means the water running off your roof and pooling around the house places tremendous pressure on the foundation. Over time, this may cause basement walls to push inward or crack.

Tiny cracks in your foundation walls allow water to flow in and flood your basement. Even if the amount of water entering doesn’t appear substantial, this excessive moisture promotes mold growth, which could become a health hazard.


When rainwater carries leaves, dirt, and tiny asphalt shingle particles down the siding, this results in unsightly staining. Your home looks dreary and unkempt when this happens, negatively impacting your curb appeal.

The effects aren’t purely aesthetic, either. Over time, streams of rainwater can begin to rot your siding, especially if it’s made of wood. Rotten siding looks unappealing, but more importantly, it creates holes that invite pests into your home. If enough water seeps through the siding, it could affect your home’s structural integrity and become extremely expensive and difficult to fix.


If you decide to install gutters, you also need to clean and maintain them to prevent the problems described above. That’s where Gutter Boyz of Kentucky comes in. Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we install, repair and clean gutters to keep them in good condition.

For more information or to receive a FREE estimate, give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

4 Tips To Prepare Your Gutters For Fall

4 Tips To Prepare Your Gutters For Fall

With summer about gone in the Paducah, KY area, fall is just around the corner. With autumn on its way, there are several things you need to do to get your home or office prepared for the fall and winter season, with gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning on the forefront. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four tips to prepare your gutters for the fall season.

1. Thoroughly clean your gutters

No one likes to do it, but gutter maintenance is a chore that needs to be done. The best tip to get ready for fall is to clean your gutters thoroughly. This could mean spending a weekend climbing the ladder and getting every last seed, pod, twig, leaf, and other foliage debris from the trough of the gutter as well as the downspout of the gutter. If you have many trees in your neighborhood, you may have to perform gutter maintenance at least once a month and possibly twice a month if the leaves are especially falling.

2. Do an inspection

The next important tip to realize is to inspect your gutters often. This will save you a bundle in the end. When it is nice out in the late summer or early fall, climb on your ladder and inspect your gutters and downspouts. Are they sagging or pulling away from the house? Are the seams starting to split? Are they full of debris? Is the downspout loose? By inspecting your gutters and then properly maintaining or replacing them as needed, you will save yourself stress and aggravation as well as money in the near future.

3. Trim branches

Another tip to prepare your gutter for the fall season is to trim back any branches from the gutters or that might be touching your roof. Trees and branches grow over the summer months and can be directly over your troughs. When the wind blows, the leaves and seeds are falling straight into the gutters and clogging them up. Make sure to trim back those branches late this summer to prepare them for the fall season ahead!

4. Hire a professional

The last essential tip to prepare your gutters for fall is to hire a professional. A professional team like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can help you clean your gutters and investigate what issues you have with your gutters and repair them as necessary. They can also install a leaf guard which prevents the leaves from falling in your gutters and clogging them up, therefore, preventing you from having to clean the gutters out as much. If you do not have the time to clean your gutters yourself, then give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky and we can perform the task for you.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your home’s gutter system ready for the fall season. When you perform gutter cleaning or gutter maintenance to your gutters this fall, you will be ready for any thunderstorms that occur. If you follow our advice on the top four tips to prepare your gutters for the fall season you will be ready for autumn when it arrives!

If you need any assistance in performing any of the tasks listed above, give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today at (270) 906-3055 of CLICK HERE to contact us.  With offices in Paducah, KY and Benton, KY, we are here to assist you with all of your gutter needs!

Three Ways Seamless Gutters Save You Money

Three Ways Seamless Gutters Save You Money

Many homeowners are looking for ways to save money and make their houses more economical in the long run, and one way to do this is by installing gutters. Whether you choose traditional or seamless gutters, a well-maintained system will provide significant savings. Below, the professionals from Gurrer Boyz of Kentucky with offices in Paducah and Benton, KY, explore some of the top ways gutters can save you money.

1. Prevent Damage From Mold & Mildew

Seamless gutters protect your home from mold growth and prevents costly repairs by directing water away from your house. Without them, excess moisture can build up in your home, resulting in toxic mold and mildew that cause further structural damage and pose a significant health hazard.

2. Avoid Foundation Damage

With seamless gutter installation, you can protect your home against the elements by diverting rain away from your home’s foundation. Otherwise, excess rainwater will collect at the base of your house, causing the foundation to erode over time. Foundation repairs will set you back thousands of dollars, and if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, it’s almost impossible to sell a residence with a damaged foundation. Seamless gutters will prevent this nightmare scenario from happening in the first place.

3. Keep Maintenance Costs Low

While all gutters are helpful, seamless gutters offer a few more benefits for homeowners. They are easier to clean, and, unlike traditional gutters, they aren’t as prone to blockages, which can require additional maintenance work to fix. Seamless gutters will not only protect your home from water damage, but they also do so seamlessly and with fewer risks of problematic leaks.

For reliable gutter installation, gutter guards and gutter repair you can count on, look no further than the professionals at Gutter Boys of Kentucky in Paducah and Benton. Whether you need roof repairs for a commercial property or seamless gutters installed on your home, their qualified team of experts can handle any project, big or small.   Give Gutter Boyz a call today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us for a FREE quote!

Why You Need Gutter Guards

Why You Need Gutter Guards

Your rain gutters are an important part of your home’s preventative maintenance system, however sometimes they can become blocked by leaves, needles or debris. High quality and proven gutter guards can prevent debris from accumulating and help avoid the dangerous climb up a ladder to clean them out sometimes 2x or 3x a year. If you don’t have gutter guards or covers, the following extensive and costly damages can occur around your property, all caused by uncontrolled rainwater following the path of least resistance:

  • Siding and fascia board rot
  • Wet Basement
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Landscape Erosion
  • Interior Water Leaks
  • Gutter Sagging
  • Mold or Pests

If you are considering gutter guards for your home or business, give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky.  With offices in Paducah, KY and Benton, KY, we are ready to assist you with all of your gutter needs. For a FREE estimate, give us a call at (270) or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Three Reasons You Need A Summer Gutter Cleaning

Three Reasons You Need A Summer Gutter Cleaning

While having your gutter cleaning during summer may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about the hottest months of the year, there are a few things you should consider before you get back to your backyard barbecues and beach trips.

Recovering from spring rains

Spring rains can wreak havoc on your gutter system. If your gutters are clogged as the spring rains hit, you could be in danger of having your basement flooded. Additionally, water around the base of your home can damage its foundation and ruin a beautifully landscaped yard. By the end of spring, your home’s gutters are sure to be clogged with dirt, debris and leaves or limbs that have fallen on your roof. Summer gutter cleaning is vital preventative maintenance for your home.

Guarding against summer storms

Summer storms and intense hot periods can put your gutters in danger. Your gutters are constantly being exposed to the elements. Keeping an eye on your gutters during summer is essential because extreme periods of heat have a way of making things shift around. Those frequent afternoon thunderstorms also come with high winds and can shake things loose from nearby trees, so there will be debris collecting in your gutters throughout summer. Keeping your gutters cleaned out will ensure that there’s never too much weight tugging at your gutters.

Preparing for fall

Cleaning and maintaining your gutters in summer is the best way to prepare your home for fall. When the leaves start falling, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your home is well-prepared for the added weight that will be deposited into your gutters. Once fall arrives, we recommend that you adhere to a regular cleaning schedule during early, middle and late fall. Ensuring that your gutters remain clear of debris is the best way to prevent damage to your gutter system, roof, and foundation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we couldn’t agree more when it comes to the ongoing health of your gutters.

Ready to schedule a summer gutter cleaning?  Give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky with offices in Paducah, KY and Benton, KY at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us!

Easy Ways To Spot If Your Gutters Need Attention

Easy Ways To Spot If Your Gutters Need Attention

Gutters are there for a reason – don’t ignore the problems!

They might not be much to look at but gutters play a vitally important role in protecting your home from the elements and keeping it safe and secure. They direct water away from the walls, windows, doors and foundations. But, if any part of your guttering system is defective, you may not notice until it is too late.

Properly maintained gutters should last a minimum of 20 years, and while some issues may be apparent in dry weather, others may only become so during heavy rainfall. You should be checking your gutters at least twice a year for signs of wear and tear– once every Spring and Fall for instance. If you’re not sure what to look for here are the tell-tale signs you need to repair or replace.

1. Visible signs of damage

There are some obvious indications that your guttering is damaged:

• Cracks, holes or rust spots in the gutters

• Gutters sagging, separating or pulling away from the house, hanging down or leaning away from the walls (gutters should only be at a gentle slope to work well but not be leaning)

• Gutters are bent or dented

• Gaps between the gutter connections, junctions with downpipes or facia boards to which they are attached

• Nails popping or sticking out from the gutters

2. Less obvious outward signs of damage

There are other more subtle things that may indicate a problem:

• You find nails, screws or connectors on the ground

• Gutters are continually overflowing during rainfall

• There is standing water in the gutters even after it stops raining

• Water leaks from parts of the gutters where it shouldn’t or spills over from the gutters when the rain has stopped

• Things are growing out of the gutters or animals are nesting in them

• Icicles are forming from the gutters in cold weather

3. What is the house telling you?

There are also giveaway signs around your house and property that will indicate problems with the guttering:

• Water pooling around the foundations

• Exterior paint peeling or wood rotting or corroding

• Water stains, marks, mold or mildew on exterior walls or doors

• The basement regularly floods during heavy rainfall or has signs of mildew or mold

• Lawns or hard landscaping is regularly being eroded or cracked

Apart from the visible signs, you should also pay attention to the behavior of your guttering when it rains. Listen to how the rainfall is flowing through the gutters. If you can hear water hitting the ground then your gutters are blocked and not able to do their job properly. Over time leaves and other debris can collect in your gutters, but cleaning them is relatively straightforward so it is important to check for blockages regularly. Make sure you have measures in place to be safe, or hire a professional service like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky for that. But if the gutters appear clear and are still not draining properly, this is an indication of a more serious problem and you should call in the experts immediately.

It may seem obvious, but a well-maintained gutter system is good for your home. Regular checking and maintenance will help ensure your home remains protected and intact.

If it’s time to install new gutters, repair or clean existing gutters or perhaps you just want a professional gutter inspection, give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.  With offices in Benton and Paducah, KY, Gutter Boyz of Kentucky serves all of Western Kentucky for your complete gutter needs.

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