My Home Doesn’t Have Gutters.  What Should I Do?

My Home Doesn’t Have Gutters. What Should I Do?

Gutters are an important aspect of most home’s roofing systems. But some homeowners notice, sometimes after years of living there, that their home doesn’t have gutters. Whether you’re just moving into a new home that doesn’t have gutters, or if you just realized that your home has no gutters, and hasn’t for a while yet, here’s what you need to know. From understanding what rain gutters do to deciding if you need to have gutters installed, we’ve got answers to all of your gutter questions:

Understanding Rain Gutters

Before you can decide whether you need to install gutters right away, or just leave your home the way it is, it’s important to understand why rain gutters exist, and what they do. 

The most basic explanation is that gutters direct rain away from your home. A gutter system catches water from rain and melting snow as it runs down the side of your roof. Then, the gutters direct that collected water into a downspout or drain, where it can be safely directed away from your home. 

Gutters work to:

  • Keep your foundation from eroding
  • Keep your landscaping intact
  • Avoid water damage to your siding and exterior

Why Your House Might Not Have Gutters

Now that we know why rain gutters exist, let’s figure out why your house doesn’t have them.

  • Steep Slope Roof — If your home’s roof has a very steep slope and a long overhang, it might already be working to direct rainwater away from your house. Steep roofs allow rain and snow to slide right off very easily, and if your overhang extends more than a foot past the side of your home, you’re unlikely to experience much damage from the displaced rainwater, except maybe to your landscaping. 
  • Very Old Home — Gutters weren’t always as common as they are now. If your home is pretty old, say 75-100 years at least, it’s possible that they just weren’t installed because that wasn’t what builders did. Gutters, as we think of them today, weren’t installed commonly on residential homes until the early to mid-1900s. If your home is older than that, it’s possible that gutters were just never installed after your home was built. 

There are actually plenty of reasons that your house might not have gutters. If you’re worried about it, your best bet is to first talk to a roofer you trust, who can give you their honest, professional opinion about whether you need gutters or not. In the meantime, here are a few key signs it might be time to install gutters on your home:

Signs It’s Time To Install Gutters

If you’re noticing water problems in your home that you suspect are due to your roof’s lack of gutters, you’re probably right. Here are a few of the most common signs that gutters could improve the functionality and lifespan of your home:

Basement Flooding

If your home gets a lot of basement flooding when it rains, gutters could help. Depending on how your home is built, gutters could put a stop to much of that flooding. While some basement flooding is just a result of a bad slope that your home is built into, a home without gutters can allow water to pour directly down from your roof and onto your foundation. 

Small cracks and pores in the foundation of your home can then let that water into your basement, which causes the flooding. With gutters, the rainwater can be safely directed into a downspout and out away from your home, minimizing the amount of water that can seep into your basement. 

Rotted or Moldy Siding

This is a clear sign that gutters are in your future. If your roof doesn’t have much of an overhang, and no gutters, moldy or rotting siding is a key sign that water isn’t getting far enough away from your house. Instead, it’s rolling down your roof and onto the sides of your home. Then, that water becomes trapped behind the siding of your house, causing mold and rot that are bad for your home’s structure, appearance, and possibly even the health of your family. 

Installing gutters can almost entirely eliminate this problem. Most of today’s siding was meant to take water head-on, not from above. When gutters are catching the water that would otherwise be falling down on siding, and redirecting it away from your home, those rot and mold issues should stop. The gutters stop water from seeping into the cracks of the siding and allow your house to do the best possible job of keeping your family safe and dry. 

Troughs In Your Landscaping

If you notice huge or deep divets in the ground next to your home, or in your landscaping, that’s a sign that you’re getting enough water to warrant gutters. These troughs or divets are caused by the constant pour of rain onto the ground from the height of your roof, and usually, they’re impossible to fill. Even if you do put dirt in them, over time, the rain will just wash it away. 

This can also be a serious problem for your foundation if your roof doesn’t have much of an overhang. Constant pounding from rain can erode your foundation, causing structural issues for your home down the road. 

By installing gutters, you can eliminate those troughs and divets from your landscaping, leaving you with a better looking front yard, and a better quality foundation holding up your home. 

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Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Before Fall

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Before Fall

Clogged Gutters Damage Your Home

There are few things worse than clogged gutters. Why? The costs of repairing damage stemming from clogged gutters far outweigh the cost of simply maintaining them well. At Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we care about the health of your home.

Clearing away of summer storm debris

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned before the beginning of fall, now is the time to take action. You’ll want your gutter system clear before the leaves make their way down. Summer storms bring plenty of rainwater and debris, and these storms can also damage your gutters.

Repairing any damage

Regular gutter maintenance will ensure that any damage your gutters incurred will be repaired quickly. If your gutters are damaged, you’ll want them in good shape before the full force of fall brings leaves and added weight to your gutter system. When your gutter system has damage, it’s critical to get the damage taken care of before putting added stress on your gutters–they can only support so much weight before they fail, whether they fail by leaning or even falling down!

Taming the leaves

Your gutters are only functional when water can flow through them. Keeping the leaves at bay is an important objective in fall gutter cleaning. Leaves, once wet, can weigh down your gutters and potentially damage the fascia on the side of your home. An obstructed flow can cause issues like water pooling around the base of your home.

Protect your foundation and home

Your gutters divert water away from your foundation. When water pools at the base of your house, you can incur foundation damage which isn’t easy to repair, and you also run the risk of your basement flooding. Keeping your gutters unobstructed is the best thing you can do to prevent this kind of damage. Additionally, make sure your underground drains aren’t clogged. A clogged underground drain can also lead to flooding your yard and allowing water to pool near your foundation.

Winter is coming: be ready!

As fall fades into winter, you’ll want to be sure that your gutters are clean and in good shape. The cold winter months can bring winds, precipitation and debris into your gutter system. Ice can also cause tree limbs to break and land on your roof. Keeping your gutters in good condition moving into the year’s coldest months will ensure that they don’t get weighed down by additional fall debris remaining in your gutter system once snows fall.

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Seamless or Sectioned Gutters – Which Is Best?

Seamless or Sectioned Gutters – Which Is Best?

Most homeowners understand the importance of having gutters to move water away from their dwelling. Having working gutters is critical to save the structural integrity of your home and also to prevent things like flooding. One way to reduce gutter build-up and to ensure that they are in good working order is to opt for seamless over traditional sectioned gutters.

Seamless gutters provide less threat of clogging, which makes them a lot less maintenance intensive. Both traditional sectioned and seamless gutters have their own advantages and disadvantages, but which is right for you?

Traditional Sectioned Gutters

Traditional gutters are pieced together from pre-cut manufactured sections. The sections are assembled, sealed, or soldered at the joints. Sectioned gutters come in a variety of materials including copper, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. The biggest disadvantage to traditional seamed gutters is that they tend to clog easily.

Dirt and debris can form around the joints, and when it does, it can weigh the gutters down and disrupt the flow of water. They are easier and less expensive to install, but they require a lot more maintenance over the long-term. So, they are less of an investment up front, but they are more costly to maintain.

Seamless Gutters

One of the biggest advantages that seamless gutters offer is that they tend to be stronger and can withstand more harsh weather conditions than sectioned gutters. If you are looking for a reduced risk of build-up, they just fare better than their traditional counterparts. Seamless gutters are made in single pieces to fit your home.

The machine used to make them is fed sheets of the material you chose, and then custom cut to be installed directly. Seamless gutters, unlike sectioned, are not a do-it-yourself project, which is why they can be more expensive.

Seamless Gutters Require A Professional – But it is Worth it!

Seamless gutters are void of corners at the downspout, which makes them less likely to leak. That can help to cut down on soil erosion and ensure that water is flowing away from your home. But since they are custom-cut, they are typically more expensive than traditional gutters and they are difficult to install.

But the major advantage that they have is that they are less likely to clog and require less maintenance. Since they don’t have joints that can create build up, they also have less risk of becoming too heavy and tearing away from the house, which requires repairs, or, in some cases, to be replaced.

Seamless gutters are more expensive upfront because they are custom cut to suit your home. But although they are more costly to install, they require less maintenance and are less likely to clog and cause water issues. The one that is right for you depends on your budget and how much you want to invest in a solution that is long-lasting.

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Heavy Storms and Leaky Gutters

Heavy Storms and Leaky Gutters

As heavy storms roll through the region, you may have noticed that your gutters aren’t working like they should.  Maybe they have pulled away from your home.  Maybe they are overflowing.  Or maybe they are leaking.  Whatever the case, Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can help you get your gutters back to a good place!

Time and lack of maintenance can take a toll on your rain gutter installation in the form of cracks, holes, and gaps that cause water to leak, which can cause water damage on the structure of your home, the walls or the roof, not to mention continually slippery spots that might pose a risk to your family and damage the floor as well. Needless to say, the more you allow cracks and leaks to go unchecked, the more difficult they will be to fix later on, until the point where you might have to change the whole gutter installation.

Sunlight, dirt, stagnant water, and temperature changes can deteriorate the material of the gutters until they rust and rupture, so the leaking starts – usually at the seams, braces or gutter nails. It is important to note that some materials are more prone to leaking than others.

Here’s how to spot leaky gutters:

Are there several leaking spots along the installation?

Are the gutter joints starting to rust – even if there’s no leak yet?

Have you discovered spots where water pools along your gutter installation?

Does the paint look cracked or chipped along the seams or specific spots of the installation? This might signal that the material could soon give in as well.

Are the gutter hangers loose? Rainwater might start seeping through the joints since the whole system stands more weight than normal and the joints become more susceptible to cracks.

Is the slope of the installation correct? An incorrect slope will cause water to pool along the installation and start eating away at different spots, which might end up in cracks and leaks.

Taking care of details will prevent your rain gutters from developing cracks and eventually leaking. One recommendation from experts at Gutter Boyz of kentucky is choosing seamless gutters since these tend to develop fewer cracks and holes.

If you have noticed that your gutters are having issues, now is the time to contact Gutter Boyz of Kentucky at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.  Gutter Boyz of Kentucky is your one-stop shop for all things gutter related.  Give us a call today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

How Gutter Cleaning Saves You Money

How Gutter Cleaning Saves You Money

Gutter cleaning saves you money in the long run compared to the cost of damages caused by water including flooding, wood damage, mold and mildew removal, repairing landscaping and other problems. Minor basement flooding caused by clogged gutters can run $2,000 to clean up not to mention replacing damaged personal items.  It is easy to see how gutter cleaning can save homeowners money on potential damages.

Hiring a company like gutter Boyz of Kentucky that specializes in gutter installation, gutter repair and gutter cleaning can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Not many people take the time to think about how spending a little money now on gutter cleaning services can end up saving you a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road. The gutters on your home serve a purpose, and that purpose is to guide rainwater away from your home to prevent water damage.

The following are 5 ways that gutter cleaning services saves you money.

1. Clean Gutters Prevent Mold And Mildew Problems

When the gutters in your home are working right they keep water from saturating places in your home that are going to be prone to mold and mildew growth. On the other hand, when they are blocked, that water that would normally harmlessly flow away from your home will suddenly find an avenue that allows it to enter your home. Moisture ends up in mold and mildew, which is definitely not something you want to deal with. Once you realize that you have a mold and mildew problem it’s already too late.

You probably have a much bigger problem than you realize, which means you are going to be spending a lot of money on a mold remediation company. On top of that you will probably have to stay in a hotel for a few days while the cleanup is done since mold is toxic. The bottom line is that spending a little money on gutter cleaning services today can prevent these bigger expenses from happening at a later date.

2. Clean Gutters Will Protect Your Landscaping

When you have water pouring over your lawn indiscriminately it can cause a lot of damage to your landscaping. Not all plants need a huge amount of water and water pouring off of your roof onto these plants can damage or kill them. Then of course there is the problem of soil and dirt erosion that large quantities of flowing water will cause, which means you will have to have parts of your lawn built back up. This can all get quite expensive which is why it’s much smarter to be proactive and spend a little money today getting your gutters cleaned.

3. Clean Gutters Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Modern homes are built to be able to withstand the elements, as long as their exposure is within reason. The gutters on your home are designed to funnel water away from the exterior walls of your home which limits their exposure. What you have to realize is that even though your home was designed to be able to handle exposure to the rain, having it constantly bombarded with water will eventually cause things to wear down.

This can end up in having the paint or other exterior materials slowly become damaged, which can then lead to water getting into your home. All of this adds up to a good-sized bill which is another reason you shouldn’t put off having your gutters cleaned out.

4. Clean Gutters Help Prevent Basement Flooding

Anybody that has ever come home and found that their basement has been flooded will probably be happy to tell you that it was a pretty awful experience. Forget about cleaning it yourself, you are going to have to hire a professional company to take care of it for you. They are going to have to remove the water then they are going to have to repair or replace any materials that have been soaked with water.

If this process isn’t done thoroughly then it’s virtually guaranteed that you are going to have a mold problem in the future. If you don’t keep your gutters clean, and this in turn floods your basement, you are going to be given a hefty bill for your lack of being proactive. Do yourself a favor and don’t let this happen to you, call Gutter Boyz of Kentucky today!

5. Clean Gutters Will Protect Your Foundation From Damage

This is the big one. If you have ever heard about foundation damage from anyone you know they will probably tell you that it was unbelievably expensive. Your home sits on a foundation of concrete, if that foundation is damaged or becomes unstable somehow then the structural integrity of your entire home could be jeopardized. Fixing this problem is going to be a major project and you could easily end up spending tens of thousands of dollars getting it taken care of.

What causes foundation problems in many cases is excess water that has been allowed to saturate the ground around your home. When this happens your home’s foundation could shift or buckle, which is very bad news for you. Not only will you have to pay a lot of money to fix the problem, you also won’t be able to get away from it by selling your home. Any competent home inspector will find a damaged foundation and warn their clients to keep them from buying what could easily turn into a money pit.

While the idea that paying money to a gutter cleaning services company can save you money may have seemed strange, hopefully now you see that there really is a lot of truth to this. Gutter cleaning services are not that expensive, they are even less of a financial burden when you think about how much money they could end up saving you. So unless you want to end up with a big repair or restoration bill later on, take the time to give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky today.

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As summer rolls on many homeowners across Western Kentucky will find themselves completing summer project on their homes.  If you have just added on a new porch, sunroom, shed or garage, then don’t forget to install brand new seamless aluminum gutters from Gutter Boyz of Kentucky!

Seamless gutters eliminate unsightly seams and reduce the possibility of leaks. They are made of a non-corrosive aluminum that will protect the beauty of your home and will last for years.

Our seamless gutter systems divert water from your home and stop it from entering and causing structural damage or flooding. We install state-of-the-art aluminum gutters that are properly sized to accommodate heavy amounts of water all while looking proportional to your home.

Whether you are in need of new gutters for your home project, repairs to your current gutters, gutter cleaning or gutter guards, the pros at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky are ready to help.  We are your one-stop shop for all of your gutter needs.  Contact us today for a free quote.  You can reach us by phone at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Gutters?

Should I Repair or Replace My Gutters?

Among most homeowners, gutters tend to be appreciated but seldom noticed. This can be problematic as time passes and seasons take their toll on the structural integrity of a gutter system. Even though steel and aluminum gutters can last for upwards of 25 years, most homeowners only get this type of durability by engaging in timely, biannual maintenance, especially during the winter and fall seasons.

With all that said, it’s important to know when a gutter problem can easily be rectified, and how to tell if you need new gutters altogether.

Do I Need My Gutters Repaired or Replaced?

The difference between gutter repair or replacement comes down to the extent of damage along a given gutter. If the problems are large and cover significant portions of the gutter, an all-out replacement of the gutter is your best bet. If, however, the problems are small and confined, the existing gutter can probably be retained for the time being with repair work on those troubled spots.

Here are several situations where it just takes a simple repair to fix a gutter:

• The damage is confined to merely one or two areas of the gutter. When the problem spots are localized to just a couple of sections, replacements can be made to those particular areas without performing an overhaul on the whole gutter. For example, if the gutter mostly appears to be corrosion free, and there are no signs of mold or water buildup along the overall system except for this one small area, change out that section and leave the rest of the gutter in its current condition.

• The damage consists of merely a couple small holes or minor cracks. If the problem consists of a tiny hole here or a crack there, but everything else appears to be intact and functioning properly, clean the bad spots with alcohol and plug them with sealant. If the isolated holes or cracks are slightly larger, you might need to glue strips of metal flashing over the spots in question before applying the sealant.

• A leak is confined to one particular joint. If there appears to be a leak, however minor, along one of the seams or joints, the problem is likely due to looseness of said parts. The first-best way to rectify this problem is to check the tightness of the joint in question, and screw it tighter if necessary. If the leak still persists, change out that one joint. In cases where an isolated leak is particularly stubborn, the addition of sealant might be necessary to prevent the joint from leaking water for the foreseeable future.

• Some of the hangers appear to be loose. If the screws have loosened on the hangers, you could try tightening them, but in all likelihood, the screw holes will now be stripped. Therefore, the hangers will probably need to be realigned along the fascia, with new screws fastened in. First, however, new screw holes will need to formed with a drill to the fascia. If the hangers appear worn or bent, it’s best to change them out with new ones.

When Gutter Replacement Is Necessary: Problems That Are Too Big to Repair

Here’s a look at when gutter problems go beyond the simple fix:

• The problem spots are everywhere. The most obvious sign that a gutter is beyond repair is when the entire length of the gutter tracks is riddled with problems. For example, if long cracks have formed along the bottom or sides of the gutter, the problem is probably way beyond anything sealant could fix. The same could be said about a gutter that has holes everywhere. If portions of the gutter show extensive corrosion, the only solution is an entirely new gutter.

• The hangers can’t be screwed tight. If attempts to tighten the hangers have failed, despite the drilling of new screw holes and realignment of the hangers, the problem could be due to the fascia board itself. When issues such as mold formation and water buildup arise in a gutter system, the problem will sometimes extend to the fascia board, where moldy water damage can render the wood too weak to bond with fasteners. Thankfully, most gutter repair pros will replace the fascia as part of their service.

• Sections of the gutter fail to bond. If gaps exist between sections of the gutter, and attempts at bonding the sections with sealant have failed to do the trick, it’s time for a new gutter. While you could simply replace your current gutter with something identical, this might not be so wise if gutter gaps have proven to be the Achilles’ heel of your gutter system. As an alternative, Gutter Boyz of ketntucky recommends a seamless gutter system for your next installation.

• The gutter fails to pitch properly. When gutter water fails to flow in the proper direction, the gutter itself has lost its purpose. Simply put, no amount of simple repairs will rectify a situation where the water is improperly pitched. After all, a gutter that’s unable to drain the right way would be similar to a car without a motor. Therefore, when an old gutter fails to send water to where it’s supposed to, it’s time to have a new gutter installed on your house.

• Water damage is evident in the soil. In some cases, the gutter will be clear throughout, yet certain other parts of your property might show evidence of problems that could only stem from a faulty gutter system. For example, if the landscaping near certain downspouts has become messy and muddy, it could be down to an issue where the gutter is overflowing in too many of the wrong areas. A problem this big is best left in the hands of gutter replacement specialists.

• Dents have formed along the gutter. Accidents and freak occurrences sometimes happen, but a gutter is capable of withstanding only so much impact. You might accidentally lean a ladder too heavily against the gutter and cause a dent. Even worse, a tree could fall against the house and form a big crease on the gutter. If the gutter incurs a major dent, you’ll either need to replace the damaged portion, or perhaps the whole entire gutter if your current system is seamless.

• The basement shows evidence of gutter leakage. The downspouts of a gutter are designed to release roof water in manageable amounts. That way, the water enters the soil evenly without causing puddles or other buildups of water. When water leaks into the basement, chances are the gutter hasn’t done its job properly. If the leakage is strong and big puddles or water damage are found in the basement or crawlspace, the gutter has likely failed near one or more of the vents.

• Mold along the floors or walls of dark spaces. Mold materializes when water evaporates into surfaces. Just as with flooding, mold formations in the basement or crawlspace could be caused by an overabundance of water from certain downspouts. If mold growth is evident anywhere near the sections of a basement’s wall that are near the vents, chances are a similar problem has occurred to that of the flooding scenario. An even greater indicator is when the vents are adjacent to the downspouts.

• The foundation of a house becomes compromised. The flow of water can make or break a house. Everything about the design on the upper half of a typical house — from the slope of the eaves to the layout of gutters — is intended to direct rainwater down and away from the house itself. When water flows in the opposite direction, it can sink in beside and under the house and soften the foundation. In cases such as these, the problem is often due to a faulty gutter system that drains in the wrong direction.

• Standing water in the gutter. Gutters are built to gather water and pass it along to downspouts as part of an ongoing drainage cycle. The cycle is meant to perform fluidly each time rain occurs. When the water neither drains nor flows and puddles form along parts of the gutter, the problem is not that there’s too much rain, but that the gutter itself has failed. When the water fails to pass through properly, it could be an issue of clogged downspouts that need to be repaired. However, it’s often a case where the gutter is uneven due to weak fascia or bent and compromised gutter sections.

• The gutters hang outward from the side of the roof. Gutters are intended to stream water that drips from the eaves of roofs and neatly deliver that water to the soil below. The exact process is hard to fulfill, however, when the gutters are unable to stream water the right way. If the gutters are tilting outward, for instance, the water is liable to spill overboard rather than stream through the downspouts. On days of hard rain, this can be especially disastrous as the water spills upon decks, trimmings, potted plants and other features beside the house. In any case, a tilted gutter is incapable of working properly.

• Puddles and mold growth along the side of a home. When puddles form to close to a house, they can pose a threat to the home’s structural integrity. Therefore, gutters are designed to stop these close puddles from forming in the first place. When puddles and mud pits form within inches of a house each time it rains, the gutter has failed to function properly. Likewise, if mold forms along the façade of a house, the drainage function hasn’t streamed as it should. Whether the problem is due to the gutters, downspouts, fascia or hangers, the whole system likely needs to be replaced.

• Paint peels, wood corrodes or rust forms along the outer walls of a home. To a reasonable degree, the structure and paintjob on a house are made to withstand the elements. However, walls are not intended to deal directly with a constant stream of downpour and splashes — it’s the job of the gutter to keep those factors out of the way. When walls endure the direct impact of downpour or, even worse, concentrated guttural drainage, the problem can diminish the home’s overall value. In any case, bent or tilted gutters are likely at fault when walls endure undue amounts of rain exposure.

• Rust forms along the gutters. Despite its ability to withstand most other elements, metal falls prey to rust in a manner that belies the strength of metal surfaces. Rust in a gutter is caused by standing water and moisture, and it begins to corrode the metal. As corrosion intensifies, holes can form like Swiss cheese across vast stretches of a gutter. For obvious reasons, a gutter with extensive rust formation is beyond salvageable.

• Gaps appear between the gutter sections or the gutter and fascia board. If the connections that would normally hold a gutter system together have unraveled all around, simple repairs are unlikely to reverse the trend. For instance, if the fascia board is too compromised to properly support the hangers, a gap could form that would allow for overspill between the fascia and gutter. Likewise, if gaps appear along various connection points of the gutter, the best course of action would be to have the whole thing replaced.

So we have given you a lot to consider.  If you live in the Western Kentucky region and are experiencing any of these issues, give us a call at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky.  Gutter Boyz of Kentucky is your one-stop shop for everything gutter related.  For a FREE ESTIMATE, give us a call at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us today!

Are Gutter Guards Maintenance Free?

Are Gutter Guards Maintenance Free?

One thing that people commonly wonder when having gutter guards installed on their gutter system is whether their new products are truly maintenance free. In truth, you should be very wary of products claiming to be completely maintenance free. While quality gutter guards prevent the need for manual gutter cleaning by preventing debris from entering your gutter system, you’ll likely still have to brush the leaves and twigs off your gutter guards every once in a while.

Some other gutter covers may require additional maintenance depending on factors like the material they are made of. However, when you invest in gutter guards from Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, brushing off debris is as about far as your regular maintenance requirements will go. Our gutter guards are made of military-grade aluminum and are coated in a clear anodized finish to prevent rust and corrosion. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your gutter guards will look and function like new well into the future.

Gutter Boyz of Kentucky serves a majority of Western Kentucky’s gutter needs.  If you are searching for gutter guards that are as maintenance free as they come, then turn to Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.  You can reach us by calling (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Does My Home Really Need Gutters?

Does My Home Really Need Gutters?

If you just bought a house, you may be shocked to discover it doesn’t have gutters. How did you overlook this during the inspection? Now you’re left with the task of installing gutters and downspouts. But since clogged rain gutters can cause serious damage, should you even bother installing them? Why does a house need gutters, anyway?

This seems like a logical train of thought, but the reason clogged gutters cause damage is because they let water flow over the sides, where it pools all around the foundation. If you don’t have gutters and downspouts to direct runoff away from your home, this will happen every time it rains. Here are four reasons to install gutters on your new house.


Homes built to code are situated on a slight slope to guide runoff away from the foundation. If rain flows off your roof because you have no gutters, the water causes massive erosion, washing away more and more soil each time it rains. This causes your carefully sloped landscape to wear down, allowing runoff to flow toward your home instead of away from it.

Erosion also causes the foundation to settle. Eventually, you may start to notice uneven floors and cracked walls and chimneys as a result.


Many homeowners enjoy planting flowers and shrubs right next to the house. This creates a pleasing aesthetic and can act as a windbreaker to guard against blustery winter weather. If soil erosion occurs because you don’t have gutters, your garden could literally wash away.

Even if erosion is minimal, puddles of water will form in your garden bed and drown your plants. Melting snow will also drip down and freeze overnight into solid sheets of ice that could kill evergreen shrubs.


When soil is saturated with water, it becomes incredibly heavy. This means the water running off your roof and pooling around the house places tremendous pressure on the foundation. Over time, this may cause basement walls to push inward or crack.

Tiny cracks in your foundation walls allow water to flow in and flood your basement. Even if the amount of water entering doesn’t appear substantial, this excessive moisture promotes mold growth, which could become a health hazard.


When rainwater carries leaves, dirt, and tiny asphalt shingle particles down the siding, this results in unsightly staining. Your home looks dreary and unkempt when this happens, negatively impacting your curb appeal.

The effects aren’t purely aesthetic, either. Over time, streams of rainwater can begin to rot your siding, especially if it’s made of wood. Rotten siding looks unappealing, but more importantly, it creates holes that invite pests into your home. If enough water seeps through the siding, it could affect your home’s structural integrity and become extremely expensive and difficult to fix.


If you decide to install gutters, you also need to clean and maintain them to prevent the problems described above. That’s where Gutter Boyz of Kentucky comes in. Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we install, repair and clean gutters to keep them in good condition.

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Storm Damage, Insurance & Gutters

Storm Damage, Insurance & Gutters

Homeowners need to be informed when buying a homeowner’s insurance policy. So, in the event that storm damage occurs to your home, you know what your policy covers. Hail, tree and wind damage are common during severe storm events. These damages most commonly effect your home’s roof and gutter system.

Luckily, most homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover wind damage and storm related damage. If a strong storm moves through with hail, wind-driven rain, or snow wrecking havoc on your home’s exterior, or gets inside a roof or wall, knowing your policy’s coverage can make a huge difference. Especially when moving forward with the repair work that is necessary. If you also have fallen trees that damage your home, tree removal service may be a part of the policy coverage too.

Wind and Hail Insurance

Insurance companies get flooded with calls after storms. When storm damage reports are high, contractor availability is low. Often times insurance companies are referring out contractors to do the repair work that aren’t niche in their respected industry.

However, as a homeowner you should know you have options. You can hire your own contractors for jobs like roofing, gutter systems, siding, etc. You should be able to speak with and choose the contractor that is best for your needs for all damages. Addressing storm damage with a professional team should take on the same approach as any other hiring experience would. Work with competent, skilled, insured contractors.

When you take researching into your own hands, you can apply your best efforts in finding the best available contractor for your repairs. Here at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we know the importance of professionalism, competency, and the value of a job well done. We also only do gutters, allowing us to perfect and focus on our craft in our niche market.

Dealing with storm damage can be overwhelming. But, you still want to make sure you are taking the time to hire right. Don’t let the urgent feeling lead to skipping the research phase. Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can help assist in repairing your storm damaged gutters. Our estimates are FREE and we are a niche company providing quality gutter services.

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