One of the most important installations that can be added to a home are gutters. Regardless if gutters are installed on a new home or an existing remodeling project they are much like police because they direct water flow to a safe area. This is a very important factor that gutters do provide with very helpful results. Without these safeguards serious problems could develop that could cause some lasting damage to any project. These damages will cost you money as well as hurting and degrading the appearance of any home. These damages can be prevented by adding gutters.

One of the main reasons for gutters is to collect water and divert the water away from the house. Notice the water that is coming off the roof of a house during a heavy rain event. In today’s architecture the steep roof designs of today especially need to have gutters to divert the water. One of the biggest problems a house without gutters is faced with is erosion. At the roof line of any house without gutters you will see where the water runoff begins to erode the soil away from the building. If gutters are not added to gather the water after a period of time this erosion will undermine the foundation of the house causing costly structural damage.

Another important factor of gutters diverting water is conserving the appearance and color of the house at that bottom of the walls. At the foot of each house without gutters no matter what type of exterior finish exists there will be a splashback that will cause your exterior to stain. This stain is very hard to remove especially is it is a masonry finish. The only true way to prevent these stains is to add gutters to catch and divert the water to catch basins and away from the house.

Gutters are very useful in many ways to help prevent damages and help with conservation. Again much of the same way that police divert people to safety, gutters provide the complete redirection of water to keep us from developing problems that could costly cause damage.

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