When will you need a gutter replacement? This depends on several factors.

Estimated Lifespan

Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters, the most common type of gutters, have an average lifespan of 20 years, while copper gutters, a more high-end option, can last up to 50 years. You should keep a detailed record of gutter inspections, maintenance and repair, as this will help you determine when it’s time to plan for gutter replacement.

Frequency of Maintenance

Keep in mind the estimated lifespan of a gutter system can be drastically reduced by improper or irregular maintenance. Regardless of how durable a gutter system is, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Gutter Guards

Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners have the time for tedious but essential tasks like gutter cleaning. One way of reducing your gutter’s maintenance requirements is by installing gutter covers. These devices help prevent leaves and other kinds of organic debris from entering and clogging your gutters.


Climate is another factor that can affect your gutters’ lifespan. For instance, cold climates can be harsh on your exterior, and your gutters are no exception. Of the numerous problems homes in cold climates face, ice dams can be one of the most problematic. That’s because ice deposited near the edges of your roof and gutters prevent snowmelt from draining, causing water to back up and possibly make its way under the shingles.

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