With summer about gone in Western Kentucky, fall is just around the corner. With autumn on its way, there are several things you need to do to get your home prepared for the fall and winter season, with gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning on the forefront. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four tips to prepare your gutters for the fall season.

1. Thoroughly clean your gutters
No one likes to do it, but gutter maintenance is a chore that needs to be done. The best tip to get ready for fall is to clean your gutters thoroughly. This could mean spending a weekend climbing the ladder and getting every last seed, pod, twig, leaf, and other foliage debris from the trough of the gutter as well as the downspout of the gutter. If you have many trees in your neighborhood, you may have to perform gutter maintenance at least once a month and possibly twice a month if the leaves are especially falling.

2. Do an inspection
The next important tip to realize is to inspect your gutters often. This will save you a bundle in the end. When it is nice out in the late summer or early fall, climb on your ladder and inspect your gutters and downspouts. Are they sagging or pulling away from the house? Are the seams starting to split? Are they full of debris? Is the downspout loose? By inspecting your gutters and then properly maintaining or replacing them as needed, you will save yourself stress and aggravation as well as money in the near future.

3. Trim branches
Another tip to prepare your gutter for the fall season is to trim back any branches from the gutters or that might be touching your roof. Trees and branches grow over the summer months and can be directly over your troughs. When the wind blows, the leaves and seeds are falling straight into the gutters and clogging them up. Make sure to trim back those branches late this summer to prepare them for the fall season ahead!

4. Hire a professional
The last essential tip to prepare your gutters for fall is to hire a professional like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can investigate what issues you have with your gutters and repair them as necessary. We can also install a leaf guard which prevents the leaves from falling in your gutters and clogging them up, therefore, preventing you from having to clean the gutters out as much. If you do not have the time to clean the gutters yourself, we can help with that task as well.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your home’s gutter system ready for the fall season. When you perform gutter cleaning or gutter maintenance to your gutters this fall, you will be ready for any thunderstorms that occur. If you follow our advice on the top four tips to prepare your gutters for the fall season you will be ready for autumn when it arrives!

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