Homeowners need to be informed when buying a homeowners insurance policy. So, in the event that storm damage occurs to your home, you know what your policy covers. Hail, tree and wind damage are common during severe storm events. These damages most commonly effect your home’s roof and gutter system.

Luckily, most homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover wind damage and storm related damage. If a strong storm moves through with hail, wind-driven rain, or snow wrecking havoc on your home’s exterior, or gets inside a roof or wall, knowing your policy’s coverage can make a huge difference. Especially when moving forward with the repair work that is necessary. If you also have fallen trees that damage your home, tree removal service may be a part of the policy coverage too.

Insurance companies get flooded with calls after storms. They hear how much does insurance pay for hail damage often. When storm damage reports are high, contractor availability is low. Often times insurance companies are referring out contractors to do the claim work that aren’t niche in their respected industry.

However, as a homeowner you should know you have options. You can hire your own contractors for jobs like roofing, gutter systems, siding, etc. You should be able to speak with and choose the contractor that is best for your needs for all damages. Rather than letting someone else subcontract the jobs out. Addressing storm damage with a professional team should take on the same approach as any other hiring experience would. Work with competent, skilled, insured contractors.

Who Does Your Work Matters

When you hire a general contractor, it is common practice that the GC will hire out sub-contractors to do additional projects for them. Typically, the cheapest subs are hired, and those with more experience aren’t often called because they can come with a higher price tag. And the same is common when you go through your insurance carrier to find contractors to outsource the repairs to.

But, when you take researching into your own hands, you can apply your best efforts in finding the best available contractor for your repairs. Here at the Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we know the importance of professionalism, competency, and the value of a job well done. We also only do gutters, allowing us to perfect and focus on our craft in our niche market.

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