With spring in full swing here in Western Kentucky, there’s a good chance you’re making your home improvement project list for this year.

Whether that list includes some interior painting projects, some fresh landscaping or even just a few small handyman projects — one item that you should consider adding to your list this year are installing gutter guards on your home.

For any of you homeowners that already have them installed, you probably already know the numerous benefits to adding them to your home’s gutter system. For those that aren’t familiar with gutter guard solutions below is a quick crash course as well as details on how to know if they’ll work on your home in Western Kentucky.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are essentially an add-on piece of equipment that you can install on your gutters to help prevent your gutters from clogging. They do this by preventing debris like leaves, sticks as well as small pests from damming up the water flow within your gutter system.

There are a variety of styles of gutter guards, but the most popular type is the metal mesh gutter guards, which are the most common type installed by homeowners.

Pros Of Installing Gutter Guards

Gutter clogging can lead to gutter leaks which can then lead to a much more serious result: water damage.

Water damage to your home caused from clogged, leaky gutters can cost you thousands of dollars to fix in some cases. So preventing those clogs from happening should be high on your priority list.

Another advantage to installing gutter guards is reduced gutter cleaning frequency. Anyone that has performed this chore on their homes knows how tedious and sometimes labor intensive (from moving a ladder around your home) this can be. Your gutters have to be cleaned to prevent things like the water damage situations mentioned above, so if you can reduce the frequency of times you need to perform this task, the less you may have to worry about the consequences of clogged gutters.

Will Gutter Guards Work On My Home’s Gutters?

Even though there are a wide variety of gutter style and material combinations, if you live in Western Kentucky the odds are very good that you may have seamless aluminum gutters installed . If this is the case, then a gutter guard system — metal mesh — can definitely be retrofitted to your home’s gutter system.

Should you have a different type of gutter system installed around your home, be sure to ask a gutter professional like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky to see what will be best for your home.

If you choose to get a gutter guard system installed on your home, we know you’ll be happy with the results. Be sure to call Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call at (270) 906-3055 today for a FREE ESTIMATE!