Whether you own a residential or commercial property, it’s critical to have properly working gutters. Otherwise, when it rains, a mere inch of precipitation can do quite a number on your roofing, as well as your property as a whole.

An inch of rain may not seem like much, but can easily translate into as much as 1,800 gallons of water pouring down onto your property over a short span of time. Without reliable rain gutters and good gutter protection in Western Kentucky, rain can wreak havoc not just on your roofing, but also on your walls, insulation and the very foundation of your home.

If you want to keep your home both sturdy and beautiful inside and out, painstaking care and maintenance on your part should be a priority. This means recognizing and dealing with any problems in your home promptly and consistently — especially issues concerning your gutters. When your gutters begin to sag, pull away from the structure or start to show cracks, these are definite signs you need to get your gutters fixed or replaced pronto.

Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes don’t realize how important it is to take the time to carefully choose a reliable company to provide the gutter replacement services they need.  But what, exactly, should you look for in a gutter replacement company?  Here are the “Golden Rules” you should follow when searching for a gutter professional in Western Kentucky.

Do Your Research

Shop around for the best local company for your rain gutter needs by reading online reviews, as well as asking friends and neighbors for solid recommendations, especially those who’ve recently had similar work done. Also, it would be a good idea to use a local company. It’s important to work with a gutter company that’s familiar with the area because they’ll likely be much more committed to their customers’ satisfaction. Plan on hiring an established contractor like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky with a good client base and superior scores and reviews.

Request Estimates and Quotes

Finding a contractor that meets your requirements and fits your needs to a T can be easier than you realize. You can better validate your choice, for instance, by asking for detailed written estimates of the work to be performed. An experienced gutter contractor like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky will come out to your home to measure the length of your roofline so he can provide an accurate quote. Gutter systems should be custom built to fit your home’s roof — no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Important Questions to Ask

Besides asking about the contractor’s qualifications, you need to ask about the specifications of the products they carry, so you’ll know you’re getting the best. Be sure to ask specific questions, such as:

What kind of gutters do I need? You don’t have to be a gutter expert to find the right gutters for your home. Just pick a reliable gutter company and make sure that your contractor offers downspouts that are capable of keeping water away from your home’s foundation. The best gutters on the market today are seamless, and here’s why:

Professionally installed seamless gutters provide the best possible protection for your structure. This is because seamless gutters have joints and fasteners only at the corners and downspouts, so leaks are minimized.

Seamless gutters look more attractive when installed on your home and require very little maintenance. Since they don’t have joints, they require less cleaning compared to sectional gutter systems, as they’re less prone to debris accumulation and clogs.

Seamless gutters have lower maintenance requirements and repair costs. with a longer lifespan that allows them to pay for themselves over time.

Should I install gutter guards? Ask yourself how much time you want to spend cleaning your gutters. It really doesn’t take very long for unprotected gutters to fill up with debris. Rotting leaves and insect or bird’s nests can all lead to clogs and leaky, overflowing gutters. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll have gutter covers in Syracuse installed to protect your gutters and keep water flowing smoothly. You’ll also likely appreciate a heating system for your gutters that helps prevent damage from the buildup of ice and snow.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Gutter replacement may seem like an easy enough project for a homeowner to handle on their own, or maybe with a little help from friends. However, taking the time to find and hire a qualified professional to perform the gutter work to be done on your property is truly worthwhile. A few reasons why include:

Work safety. Getting up on a roof for any reason can be scary, particularly if you’re doing work such as a gutter repair or replacement job. Many people don’t realize how difficult the work can be until they actually see things from a higher vantage point. Even if you had imagined the work would be difficult, actually doing the work could prove nearly impossible at such a height for someone inexperienced. Working up high under the heat and glare of the sun can quickly intimidate an untrained homeowner. Add to that the danger of slipping and falling, and you may want to reconsider and keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. Professionals like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky practice required safety measures, and thus can more competently handle your gutter installation or repair project.

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