Maintaining a home or commercial property is necessary, but that doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. If your gutter system is older and you’re wondering if you should spend the money to repair your gutters or take them down and start new, here are four signs that it is time to call Gutter Boyz of Kentucky for a new installation!

They are Nearing the End of Their Lifecycle

Gutters are like roofs: they have a specific lifespan. Because they aren’t meant to last forever, if your gutters are beginning to look haphazard or are not performing the way that they should, then it is time to consider upgrading and calling a gutter contractor like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky to install new gutters. Gutters are essential to reduce the risk of flooding and foundation erosion, so making sure that they are in proper working order is probably more important than you think. Don’t leave your home or commercial property vulnerable to expensive damage!

They Look Bad!

Your gutters might be a small part of the whole when it comes to your curb appeal, but if they are rusting and look bad, then they are making a poor impression. As a property owner, it is important to make a good impression, and sagging or dirty gutters aren’t going to cut it. If they are making your building or home an eyesore, then upgrading is definitely worth it!

They are Cracking or Buckling

Gutters work by guiding water away from the foundation of your building to ensure that it can’t lead to flooding or structural problems. If they are cracking or buckling, then they can’t do what they are supposed to. If you hire someone to fix them and they are in bad shape, it’s likely you are spending dollars to save pennies. Sometimes it is better to rip the bandage off than to put it on, knowing that it isn’t doing anything to heal the problem underneath!

Upgrading Comes With Advantages

No one wants to spend more than they have to, but if you have old gutters that aren’t cutting it and they have cracks and rust in the seams, then upgrading is a must. If you replace your current gutter system with a seamless one, then you won’t have to look at the joints, the rust around them, or watch the water drip in places where the seams have started to crack. Seamless gutters not only work better; they look better. And if you invest in them, you can rest assured that your investment is a sound and lasting one! 

Home or commercial property maintenance is a must to protect your exterior materials and extend their lifespan, but if you are putting a bandaid on a problem, that bandaid is only covering up what is festering underneath. At Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, we offer the best gutter contractor service in the industry, and we are always transparent and honest in our recommendations about whether repairing or replacing is more cost-conscious. If you are struggling with the decision about which is best, let us be your expert guide to answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed choice!

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