Rain gutters are one of those things no one really thinks about unless there’s a problem. The fact is, if they’re doing their job, you won’t even know they’re there most of the time. But when you start to see problems with water draining around your home, problems with your rain gutters may be the cause.

When left unattended, damaged gutters will only get worse over time. Eventually, they can end up causing extensive damage to your property, landscaping, and even your foundation. That’s why it’s important to identify serious gutter problems and address them right away.

Here are a few signs it’s time to call Gutter Boyz of Kentucky to help get your gutters back on track.

1.   Your gutters look like a mini Niagara Falls.

Waterfalls can be beautiful, but not when they’re on the side of your house. If there’s a spot where water is gushing down from your roof, there’s most likely a serious clog in your gutters. When water comes down in one spot like that, it can seep into your foundation and siding and damage your home.

The source of the problem may be something simple like clogged leaves and branches, or it could be an animal’s nest. Next time this happens, don’t go chasing waterfalls. Instead, let our team of gutter pros install gutter covers to keep the debris out and your home safe.

2.   There are puddles near your foundation.

If you’ve got water accumulating on the ground, it can erode your soil and damage your property. Puddles near the home or mud splashes on the side of your house are often caused by small leaks or drips along your gutters due to cracking or broken seams.

One way to test your gutters for damage is by spraying water into your gutters with your garden house. If there’s a leak in your gutters, it’s time to have them replaced. The cost of gutter repair far outweighs the expense of repairing a damaged foundation.

3.   Your house is peeling.

Peeling paint can ruin your home’s curb appeal and make your house appear unattractive and poorly cared for. But it’s also a sign that you’ve got water hitting the walls of your home due to a problem with your gutter canal system.

As the paint on your siding is exposed to constant moisture, it begins to absorb moisture, compromising the condition of the paint. Over time, this will cause the paint to form bubbles and eventually begin to peel away.

If you notice paint peeling on your siding, take a look at your gutter system before you repaint so you don’t waste your money on a paint job that’s only going to end up breaking down again.

4.   Your downspout has little or no flow.

If your gutters are installed properly and have no problems, gravity should do most of the work. If your downspout is not flowing, this may mean your gutters are not pitched as they need to be.

Your gutter system should be angled at the correct pitch for gravity to move water along naturally. Our team of gutter installation experts can assess your gutter system to determine if the pitch is appropriate to keep water moving along smoothly. If your slope is incorrect, we can install a new gutter system at the correct pitch to protect your home and property. 

5.   Gutter maintenance has got you down.

When you own your home, seasonal exterior maintenance is a necessary part of life. But for many homeowners, gutter maintenance is one of the most frustrating chore on the list since it requires them to climb up a ladder and scrape out their gutters with a trowel.

If you loathe gutter cleaning, did you know that you can use a leaf cover system to make it a thing of the past?

With gutter guards, all of the leaves and debris that would normally fill your gutters sit on top of them, eventually washing away. Not only does this make gutter cleaning a far easier task, but it also means you will have fewer gutter clogs since debris won’t be able to collect in your canals.

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