Well, the first snow of the season has hit Western Kentucky! Isn’t it nice to cozy up indoors and watch snowflakes fall during winter? As the temperatures go down and the snow falls, among the last things people have in mind, is their gutters. While snow on the roof looks beautiful and reminds you of the holidays, it can be extremely damaging when not removed immediately. 

Read on to learn how snow damages your gutters.

What Do Snow and Ice Do to Your Gutters and Fascia?

The weight of snow and ice is sometimes enough to severely damage your gutters. Once your gutter system has been compromised, different parts of your home can be put at risk. With inefficient gutters, water can back up to the roof, overflow to the siding, and even flood your basement. Then there is always the risk of foundation damage.

Excessive snow can put a strain on your gutters and the fascia board where they are attached. When the gutter system is not correctly attached to the fascia, it will eventually pull away from your home and even fall off. The same scenario can happen if your fascia is deteriorating. Keep in mind that once your gutters are bent, repairs won’t be possible. 

Ways to Prevent Snow Damage on Gutters and Fascia

Invest in a High-Quality Gutter Protection System

A gutter protection system from Gutter Boyz of Kentucky will keep debris out of your gutters. It is designed to prevent branches, leaves, and other debris from building up in your gutters and causing clogs. Without these items in your gutters, water can flow effortlessly through the system and the downspouts. You can rest assured that water exits at a safe distance from your home. 

Gutter Boyz of Kentucky installs custom fitting gutter guards to catch debris before it can reach your gutters. It helps improve water flow and prevent melted snow from backing up to the roof and refreezing.  

During winter, water that has settled in your gutters may freeze and increase the likelihood of ice dams. The additional weight of the ice can cause damage to your gutters. When not addressed, it could result in collapse. With gutter guards, you can help minimize ice buildup. The less ice there is in the system, the lower the risk of damage and the longer your gutters will last. 

Get Regular Gutter Inspection and Maintenance

Different problems can develop due to clogged and inefficient gutters, including snow damage. The fascia where your gutters are attached can get damaged as well. Another problem that clogged gutters can cause is roof leaks. When water backs up and overflows to your roof, leaks can develop. These leaks can then affect other areas of your home like walls, ceilings, floors, and even electrical systems. Roof leaks can encourage mold growth, which is not only unsightly but also risky to your health. 

Gutters must be inspected and cleaned at least twice a year to keep them efficient. It will also help you frequently check the condition of your gutters. Walk around your home and do a visual inspection of the system. Check if they are still properly secured to your home and look for signs of leaks or gaps between the gutter and fascia. 

Only work with a reliable gutter contractor, like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, for your repair and maintenance needs. When your gutters are severely damaged, it is best to replace them before other issues arise in your home. For high-quality seamless gutters, turn to Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. Seamless gutters are less likely to leak because they only have joints and fasteners at the corners and downspouts. When there are no leaks, your gutters will last longer and you will enjoy savings on repair costs. Moreover, seamless gutters are available in a wide range of colors to complement different home styles. 

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