Some homeowners might think birds’ nests in their gutters are not a big problem, or even kind of cute. Birds have to build their homes somewhere, after all; they need a safe and comfortable space to lay their eggs and raise their young. Many types of birds have run out of places to build their nests due to factors like urban sprawl, which have resulted in fewer trees and other natural nest sites that birds need to survive. When you think about it, there’s nothing cuter than a nest full of tiny baby birds peeping out of delicate, cracked eggshells!

While all of the above is true, it’s still very important to know how to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places like your gutters. Keeping birds’ nests out of your gutters depends first and foremost on keeping your gutters clean.

It’s understandable why cleaning out gutters is an unappealing home maintenance task that many homeowners push to the bottom of their to do lists. Gutter cleaning is risky, dirty, sometimes extremely muddy work. Depending on the height of your home, it can be quite dangerous to clean your gutters yourself; you may not even have a ladder tall enough to do the job properly.These are just a few of the reasons why many homeowners let their gutters go, especially if their home or property doesn’t have obvious drainage problems. Savvy homeowners, however, know that keeping their gutters clean should be a top priority on the list of regular home maintenance tasks. Cleaning the gutters is just one of the things you should do to keep your home and yard in good shape and prevent damage from occurring over time—the type of damage that will definitely need an urgent, and often expensive, fix.

The best way to deal with birds nesting in unwanted places is to discourage or prevent them from doing so in the first place. Keeping your gutters clear of leaves, sticks, mud and other debris that birds use in building their nests can go a long way toward deterring these animals from making a home in your gutters. Here are a few other prevention methods that can be helpful in keeping birds from making nests in unwanted places. Note that these methods should be used only when you have ensured that no birds or eggs are present in the spaces you’re trying to keep bird-free, so birds won’t get trapped inside:

• Install gutter guards on your existing gutters.
• Use steel wool to seal off any holes or gaps in your roof, eaves, porch or other areas where birds might build nests.
• Replace old gutters with a new version that is more efficient at keeping out birds and debris.
• Install birdhouses or nesting boxes and bird feeders on your property to provide birds with safe places to eat and build their nests.

It is also a good idea to keep trees trimmed well away from your house, so leaves, sticks, pine needles and other types of debris have less chance of finding their way into your gutters.

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