If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your rain gutters often or realize what an important role they play in keeping your home and property safe from water damage. This may be partly due to the illusion that a home is a single solid structure. In fact, your home is made up of multiple components, which makes it vulnerable to damage from rainwater, especially in these key areas:

  • Where the roof meets the walls. Without effective gutters, wind-driven rain coming off the roof can enter the attic, or travel down inside the exterior walls. On the outside, repeated downpours can ruin the siding, or stain the brick or stone facade.
  • Around the foundation perimeter. If it’s not routed away, water runoff can cause shifts in the soil, foundation cracking and interior flooding. If your HVAC ductwork is embedded in the slab—a common practice in older homes—rainwater seepage can cause corrosion and mold growth in the ducts.

Do Your Gutters Measure Up to Protect Your Home

Although most homes in our area have gutter systems, these gutter systems must function well to safeguard the structure from water damage. To prevent harm to your home, you need leak-free gutters installed on every sloped roof edge that:

  • Are properly secured to the fascia so rainwater enters and drains away through the gutter.
  • Are angled correctly to prevent standing water in the troughs.
  • Have securely-attached downspouts to carry water away.
  • Have correctly-placed downspouts that are long enough to divert the flow of water so it drains at least three feet from the foundation.

The Many Ways That Gutters Defend Your Home

Hiring an experienced company like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky to install quality gutters is one of the easiest ways to preserve your home. Here are just some of benefits of ensuring proper rainwater routing with correctly-installed, quality gutters.

  • Soil around the foundation stays stable, which prevents flooding under the slab, soil erosion and damage to the turf and landscape plantings.
  • Exterior siding and masonry are protected against damage from repeated downpours of water.
  • Driveway, sidewalks and patios are less likely to settle or crack.
  • Roof edge and fascia boards don’t deteriorate.
  • Risk is reduced for hazardous mold growth in the attic, walls or ducts.

If you’re concerned that your gutters aren’t performing properly and adequately protecting your Western Kentucky home and landscaping from damage, then CONTACT US at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. Whether you need new gutters, gutter repair, gutter cleaning or gutter guards, we are just one call away. Give us a call today at (270) 906-3055 today.