Rain gutters perform a very important function for the upkeep of a home.  Its main purpose is to funnel water off the roof and away from the home.  Too much water falling close to your home can erode the soil around it, compromising the home’s foundation which could wreak havoc, especially if you have a basement.

Also selecting the correct water discharge locations is essential.  Otherwise it could also cause a problem with water erosion.  Improper locations could cause puddling around the downspout or where the water has been directed, including the walkway area to gain access to your home/entrance. These types of discharge problem can be addressed a number of ways, including rerouting the water via a popup. This is done by adding a drainage pipe to the end of your downspout which would go underground to a popup placed in a location away from the problem area.

Another serious problem homeowners experience with their gutters are caused by the accumulation of debris. Over time, dirt, sand, leaves, sticks, and even trash can find its way into your gutters. When this happens, it will eventually form a clog that can cause rainwater backup inside the gutters. This in turn, can result in damage to not only your foundation but also to the roof itself.

Fortunately, fixing this as well as preventing it, are both easy to take care of.  For prevention, you should make inspecting and cleaning your gutters part of a seasonal maintenance schedule, including the downspouts.  This will help to prevent clogs before they even occur.

Another option to deter the buildup of debris in your gutters is gutter guards.

Gutter guards (also called gutter covers, gutter protection or leaf guards) are primarily aimed at preventing damage caused from clogged gutters and reducing the need for regular gutter cleaning.  They prevent the debris from ever entering the gutter in the first place and can reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep them clean.

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