Are your gutters ready for spring? You need to get your home’s gutters in their best shape now to be prepared for seasonal showers. Use these tips to complete basic gutter maintenance, and call gutter professionals at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky to assist and preserve your system.

Dig Out the Debris

Trash and debris can weigh down your gutter segments, causing the gutters to leak or sag. You will need to get rid of debris and unclog the trough to avoid these problems, and don’t forget to also clean out the downspout.

Blockages in any of these portions of your gutter system can result in water damage to your house, as well as pose a significant risk of the gutters breaking free and causing physical injury and additional property damage.

Power Wash the Troughs

Perhaps the easiest way to clean gutters is with a power washer or heavy-duty garden hose. Run water through the system and have an extra person on-hand to see if and where the segments are leaking water. This will point toward any additional obstacles or blockages that need to be addressed before moving forward with gutter maintenance.

Fit with Gutter Guards

You can avoid debris gaining access to the inside of your gutter troughs when you fit your system with gutter guards or covers. Depending on the type of gutters that you have (such as aluminum or vinyl) you can use mesh screens to make cleaning easier, too. Talk to the gutter professionals at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky about viable options for your distinct system.

Make Repairs

Clearing and cleaning the gutters makes it easy to identify any areas that require repairs or replacements before spring. Take time to tighten or replace loose segments and sagging troughs before the spring thaw and rain arrives.  

Assess the Hardware

It doesn’t hurt to tighten the hardware around existing holes in the troughs to firm-up the segments and ensure they are secured for spring utility. Don’t make additional holes in your segments to apply screws or bolts, as this only increases the risk of a leak.

If you must change or move the holes for hardware, make sure to use silicone caulk around the new holes, as well as to thoroughly fill in the pre-existing holes to prevent leakage.

Use Common Sense

Use common sense and some precautions to prevent sags and leaks, which can result in property damage and expense. For instance, never use your gutters to stabilize or support ladders or scaffolding when working on or around the home.

Also, quickly address issues like sags to prevent winds from knocking segments free. Once airborne, gutter segments present a serious risk of injury.

Use these tips to get your gutters in tip-top shape, but make sure that you reach out for professional assistance as needed. Working on the home’s gutters can be tricky, often dangerous work, so don’t do it alone.

Before spring arrives, you need to make sure your gutters are ready for the subsequent rainfall that usually accompanies the season. For some gutter assistance and support, give Gutter Boyz of Kentucky a call today at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us today!