Spring is almost here. People are beginning to make a list of the spring chores that will need to be done soon. If gutter cleaning is on you list, and it should be, here are four things Gutter Boyz of Kentucky would like to remind you!

Be Safe

Practice safety every step of the way. Follow ladder safety rules. Don’t stand on the top rungs, put a 2×4 in the trough to prevent crushing if you lean the ladder against it and only work on the roof in good weather. Don’t do troughs when it is windy, icy or wet. Wear sturdy shoes with good grip. Avoid leaning over edges or working near power lines.

Regular Cleaning

Clean at least twice a year, maybe more if your house sits below trees. It is a good idea to clean gutters in the spring and autumn, as these are the two times there will be the most leaves and debris to remove. By doing the cleaning now, there is less chance of blockage in the winter when it can freeze and crack the trough. Water will be able to flow properly. Spring cleaning prevents water damage due to run off from a clogged gutter.

Repair and Maintain

Repair and maintain your gutters to prevent cracks, clogs and broken troughs right away. Even a little crack can cause big problems if left alone. By maintaining gutters, you are preventing damage to your home and keeping your investments safe. Clean gutters also keep your house in good condition and looking fresh. You will be preventing mold and critters from getting too comfortable as well.

Call a Professional

Perhaps the biggest of the gutter cleaning tips is if the job is too big, or too much for you to handle, always call a gutter cleaning service like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. If your house is over one story, it may be better to call a professional. Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can do it safely and offer maintenance advice.

There are leaf-catching systems, but they still need to be cleaned by removing and rinsing the screens. Sometimes it is just better to call someone who specializes in this work and has all the tools and manpower ready.

With our knowledge and experience, Gutter Boyz of Kentucky can also help prevent damage. We will do it right the first time and in good time.
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