Well, it was bound to happen! We have already had our first snow of the year. Perhaps you went to the store for milk and bread to prepare. But, did you think to prepare your home for the effects of snow?

While it is important to acknowledge the wrath that heavy snowfall can bring on a large scale, it is also significant to magnify the equally problematic aftermath of snow at the micro level. If snow can freeze highways, imagine the damage it can bring to your homes.

The downpour of snow and ice on your roof might make your homes look nice. However, the snow and ice mixture that covers your roof and lands on your gutters can cause unfortunate damage.

Gutters capture the water that hits your roof. During winter, water comes in the form of snow and may cause denser clogging. Gutter repair can be costly and foundation repair is far more expensive. To keep the snow and ice away, and keep the costs at bay, be sure to use only the best gutter guards available. Gutter guards can help keep the weight of the snow off of your gutters.

With its narrow slit, a gutter guard prevents natural substances like snow from entering your gutters. The slit then leads the snow down to where it should be.

Gutter guards are now more widely available. Companies like Gutter Boyz of Kentucky are professionals at making sure your gutter guards are of the best quality and installed correctly.

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