One thing that people commonly wonder when having gutter guards installed on their gutter system is whether their new products are truly maintenance free. In truth, you should be very wary of products claiming to be completely maintenance free. While quality gutter guards prevent the need for manual gutter cleaning by preventing debris from entering your gutter system, you’ll likely still have to brush the leaves and twigs off your gutter guards every once in a while.

Some other gutter covers may require additional maintenance depending on factors like the material they are made of. However, when you invest in gutter guards from Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, brushing off debris is as about far as your regular maintenance requirements will go. Our gutter guards are made of military-grade aluminum and are coated in a clear anodized finish to prevent rust and corrosion. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your gutter guards will look and function like new well into the future.

Gutter Boyz of Kentucky serves a majority of Western Kentucky’s gutter needs.  If you are searching for gutter guards that are as maintenance free as they come, then turn to Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.  You can reach us by calling (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us.