Believe it or not, rain gutters play a valuable role in your property as they protect your house from dampness, damaged foundations and garden erosion which leads to costly repairs and thus the devaluation of your home and nobody wants to deal with that kind of issues.

After several years a rain gutter installation can suffer the effects of nature and start showing leakage signs, this will depend on several aspects such as their material, the way they were installed and how frequent the maintenance is performed.

In the market, you can find plenty of gutter materials from copper to vinyl, but some of them are more long-lasting than others so the key is to choose the material that is affordable for you and, at the same time, provides you with superior quality.

Let’s find out the 5 most common causes of leaky gutters explained by our experts at Gutter Boyz:

 #1 – Cracks

This issue is very frequent to galvanized steel gutters, especially at the joints. When they are exposed to severe weather changes, they are more likely to crack at seams, braces or gutter nails.

#2 – Holes and Gaps

This is a problem that is very common when metal rain gutters are not frequently maintained and rainwater pooled in some areas along the gutter, rust is build up and, in turn, holes appear, causing severe dampness problems to your house. Gutters clogged by debris for a long time is also a cause for this terrible issue.

#3 – Loose Gutters

Sometimes, when you notice that your gutters have some leaks it may be a consequence of loose hangers. Rain gutters are attached to the fascia board of your roof by gutter hangers, whether internal or external and over time these accessories tend to get sagged especially when they have to deal with the weight of rainwater plus wet debris stuck along the gutter. Rainwater starts seeping through the loosen joints causing the leaks in your gutter system. To solve this problem, Gutter Boyz can remove all the debris and then fasten all the gutter hangers to the fascia board and make sure that all the system is perfectly working.

#4 – Improper Slope

Rain gutters need a slight downward slope to lead the rainwater towards the downspout and continue its way to the outlet on the ground. However, after the installation, everything looks great until it rains, and you notice that the water stays along the gutters forming small pools without reaching the downspout because the gutter is improperly sloped. When this happens, all this pooled water will add more weight to the gutters and will cause them to sag over time so you might notice water dripping from your gutters

#5 – Clogs

Clogs are the most common cause of leaky gutters in both residential and commercial rain gutter systems. When gutters are overlooked, debris from trees and the remains of dead animals build up and form a wet mass that blocks the gutter and pulls it down provoking overflowing. This issue can be prevented as easy as having a regular rain gutter maintenance at least twice a year.

Our Experts’ Advice

  • Take care of your rain gutters, they are the best armor that your property has against dampness, erosion, foundation damage, and any other problem related to rainwater. The best and cheapest way to do it is avoiding any of the conditions that cause leaks.
  • When it’s time to replace your gutters choose the material that fits your budget and provides you high-quality protection ensuring a long-lasting result. Seamless gutters are a great option. This design creates fewer opportunities for leakage which makes it very demanded by homeowners.
  • Do not try to repair leaks by yourself. Remember that experts know best so whenever you notice signs of leaks look for professional help instead of worsening the problem trying to fix it on your own.
  • Having leaky gutters, it’s a terrible headache for homeowners because they can make you spend a lot of money on repairs that can be prevented in advance. So be smart and keep your rain gutter system up to date with maintenance and install gutter accessories that help you keep debris away like leaf guards.

Does your rain gutter system have leakage signs? If your answer is yes, you should contact a professional rain gutter company right away. Luckily, at Gutter Boyz of Kentucky, with offices in Benton and Paducah, KY are just a call away to help with installing, repairing, maintaining, and advising residential and commercial gutters across Western Kentucky.  Call us at (270) 906-3055 or CLICK HERE to contact us!