Happy New Year from Gutter Boyz of Kentucky! We appreciate all of the business we’ve done with our neighbors in 2022, and we wish everyone in the area a wonderful 2023.

If gutters could talk, would they be making New Year’s resolutions today? We think they would. In today’s blog, we’ll listen in to what the gutters on Western Kentucky homes are probably saying.

1. I Want To Lose Weight

The number one resolution we hear area gutters making today is strangely similar to the one that their humans are making inside the house. But are they just playing copycat or following a contagious trend? Let’s listen in to the conversation between the gutters from two homes on Main Street.

Gutter 1: So what’s your New Year’s resolution?
Gutter 2: I want to lose weight.
Gutter 1: You do? Same here! What’s your goal?
Gutter 2: Well, I’d really like to lose all of it. I mean, this load of debris is weighing me down. I’m so stuffed with leaves, I feel saggy.
Gutter 1: No, you’re not sagging yet. You still look good. But I hear you. At least you’re not full of pine needles. They’re the worst.
Gutter 2: I don’t know, pine needles seem like they would be light and airy. But you don’t know how gross it is to be stuffed full of wet, slimy leaves. Every time it rains, I’m overflowing. I can’t do my job at all.
Gutter 1: It’s not true that leaves are worse. Pine needles poke and spear you when they’re fresh, and then they just sit there and get packed tighter and tighter and tighter. And then the acid! Ugggg it stings.
Gutter 2: I still think leaves are worse.
Gutter 1: Pine needles!
Gutter 2: Leaves!
Gutter 1: Pine needles!
Gutter 2: #Leaves the argument

Psst, Homeowners: You could not only fulfill your own New Year’s resolution, you could check off your gutter’s resolution, too! Simply schedule a gutter cleaning by Gutter Bozy of Kentucky for a quick and easy way to unclutter your gutters. The gutters will not only check off their resolution of losing weight, you’ll get properly functioning water drainage off your roof.

2. I Want To Improve My Looks

The number of gutters who want to look better is smaller than the number of ones who want to lose weight, but the desire is the strongest for these. Gutters on most homes in Western Kentucky are pristine, making it more obvious if there’s one that isn’t looking so great. Here are some of the makeovers that gutters are wishing for.

  • Chipping paint
  • Sagging
  • Pulling away
  • Mismatched color or style to the house

Gutters that look bad don’t just want a makeover to boost their vanity. They’re making this New Year’s Resolution because they know your home’s value will stand to benefit.

3. I Want To Drink More Water And Eat Less

This resolution is exactly what we’d expect gutters to want, as they’re built to be able to take in volumes of water. It’s not exactly that our gutters are getting dehydrated; it’s just that the ones who are eating too many leaves, sticks, twigs, and pine needles simply don’t have the room to guzzle water like they should. These gutters would love to have a gutter guard system installed by Gutter Boyz of Kentucky. It’s like a gastric bypass surgery. They just can’t eat as much after that.

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